Fact: If you pay for Spotify, a portion of your subscription fee gets allocated to artists YOU DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO.

Another fact: It takes 3000 - 5000 streams *per hour* for an artist to make the equivalent of the California minimum wage.

I don't have a Spotify subscription, but that payout doesn't sound bad to me.

Otherwise only already successful artists would stand a chance.
Newcomers would have no luck getting discovered.

That artists struggle with making a living income is sadly well known.

When I have the chance I buy on a name-your-price agreement. For one because I can afford it (privilege, I know). Second I expect to get a sensible price.
My only condition: hand signed.

Works well so far.

@killyourfm Not saying Apple Music is the better service but at least it pays about double the amount to the artist in comparison what Spotify does.

@killyourfm i dont think i can get my wife and daughter to move away from Apple Music at this point...

@killyourfm Sounds pretty good if you consider that this is passive income on only one streaming service. If you do create an active income, concert or other live events while this happens you'll also increase the passive one for some time.

@killyourfm I use Bandcamp when I want to support my favourite artists. Streaming music is complicated thing and I hope that artists get compensated for their hard work better in the furure.

@al1r4d HELL YES. I used to be so immersed in cassette culture (as in, I taped my favorite songs off the radio because I'm that old.).

But I left it behind when I moved from the states. Just couldn't take all that physical media with me.

Are lots of artists still releasing on cassette?


It sounds like this should be a surprising insight, but why would anybody expect otherwise?

You pay Spotify, you do not hand cash into the hand of the artist. In any other place/media it will be the same. When I buy a newspaper the money goes partly to reporters of articles I did not read. In the cinema part of the money will go to an actor in a movie I do not watch. Etc.


In the value 4 value model championed by Podcasting 2.0, 3000 listeners streaming only $0.01 per minute would result in direct payments to the artist of $30 per minute or $1,800 per hour. This is already being done by artist who have decided to use RSS music feeds to host their music. This is still the beginning, but as more artist adopt this model and some RSS music players are built, the listeners will be able to support their favorite artists direct without a middle man.

@killyourfm I wish someone could get these kind of stats out of Qobuz.

@killyourfm Nowadays I use physical media or downloads for all of my music, just collecting stuff from thrift stores for physical media. It still probably doesnt help the artist, but atleast I am not locked down to Spotify for it and have more freedom to do what I want with the media.

@killyourfm I do occasionally use Spotify for whatever music i haven't gotten yet, but I dont subscribe to it.

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