OK, watching my YouTube subscriptions via RSS (web feeds) is something I never thought I'd want.

Now I can't live without it.

In @Thunderbird, the videos in my list auto-play when clicked. I can delete it (like an email) when I'm done or if I'm just not into it, and the next one auto-plays.

They're searchable, I can apply filters, I can make my OWN "playlists" by using subfolders, etc.


@killyourfm Didn't they also do the same thing in Aliens? "We're in the pipe, five by five."

Perhaps it was borrowed from communication techs by pilots?

@killyourfm if thunderbird would automagically subscribe to a channel when you give it a url... That would be "OMG"

@killyourfm This might sound like a dumb question, but youtube has a RSS feed???
How did you access it?
Would look nice in my #Thunderbird too ;-)

@thewk It's not dumb at all. YouTube used to visibly display RSS feeds, then later "removed" them. it's still a functional feature, though.

I followed this guide:

If you know how to identify the channel's user ID, you can skip straight to this URL and input it:

@killyourfm Thanks! Will give this a try as soons as I am back to my PC :-)

@thewk @killyourfm This is MUCH easier: just install a browser extension like "Awesome RSS" that auto-discovers an RSS feed on a page.

Visit the YouTube channel's main page, and click the extension's icon to display the RSS feed!

@killyourfm @thewk They also still provide them as part of the channel metadata. You can use browser extensions like "Awesome RSS", which provide a very handy button in the URL bar :)

The only thing is, you might have to reload the page, because it's not always picking up the angular magic for DOM rewrites by Google.

@killyourfm @thewk It actually disabled RSS feeds entirely for a while. I had to use an app that scraped the pages. I then downloaded the video and used ffmpeg to convert it into MP3, which I used to create an automated podcast. Fun times. I always meant to get back to that.

@killyourfm I use RSS for mine as well and I wish I’d done it long ago. Deleted my Google account entirely, and I save everything to watch later in the Play app for iOS. It loads in Safari with the Vinegar extension, which enables the native HTML player and blocks ads.

@killyourfm This feature sounds really cool. Once v.102 comes out, would it be possible to create tutorials and simple videos showing off some of these amazing features and many more that may be unknown?

@brjaded Time allowing, I think it's a terrific (and necessary) idea.

@killyourfm this sounds great to get freed of the algorithm, and not having to rely on extensions like "unhook"

@killyourfm Huh, I totally forgot about YouTube RSS feeds. I bet one could show the feed titles and such on a third party site, rather than embedding videos. 🤔

@addie I'll try to work up a simple guide next week. So many people have been asking!

@killyourfm sweet! Followed so I'll see it lol.
I watch a LOT on my TV, but this might get my butt off the couch and over to my desk lol. Oooh I bet I could cast to my TV.

@killyourfm @amcooper Knowing about RSS feeds is becoming a secret superpower

@killyourfm I know it is a bit frowned upon in the open source community but I really can’t with the 1998 looking UI. Good year mind you but not for this 😄

@kawa we frown upon it ourselves. That's why version 114 next year will be a complete visual overhaul to modernize Thunderbird.

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