@killyourfm well I listen to a shitload of podcasts, if that counts.

@killyourfm I have a minflix instance setup still subscribed to RSS feeds. Though I have not been paying much attention to it as of late.

🙋I use the flatpak for github.com/martinrotter/rssgua
I've always found it a nice way to start the morning

@killyourfm is there any better way of aggregating stuff into one place?
I use RSS not only for news sites, but also for Youtube channels, webcomics and few subreddits.
Client that I use is commafeed.com because it uses full screen width, like Google Reader did.
still on the instance that developer hosts, but I will set up self-hosted one soon.

@testman So many people have no idea you can use it for youTube and Reddit!

@killyourfm @testman used to be Twitter as well, back in the day. How far we have fallen

@killyourfm I've been using it forever and recently introduced it to my wife, mainly for news. So far she loves it too !

@killyourfm I do, a lot. Even things like reddit, tumblr, a few select twitter accounts (through nitter) and youtube channels I'll follow through RSS instead. But mostly sites/blogs and webcomics.

I'm very happy that Vivaldi has built-in RSS support. Not the best interface, but since Firefox killed live bookmarks which I am still salty about...

@killyourfm yes, every day. Both for articles (feed reader) and for podcasts (Overcast). One of the better inventions of the internet.

@killyourfm Paying subscriber of Newsblur here. I use that for my news plus Insta/Facebook scrapers to turn public local business profiles into RSS feeds since I don't have a Facebook account and you can't look at any public page without logging in.

About a thousand last time I counted.

Plus podcasts


Should probably open source this one, I use it as a newspaper but others could probably do more,
Backend is meilisearch



Yes, I use Tiny Tiny RSS (in Docker). I also use kill-the-newsletter.com to funnel newsletters to RSS.

@killyourfm every day. I run a tinytinyrss instance for an aggregator accessible from anywhere.

@killyourfm of course for podcast and all the news site i'm interested it are in my news reader, that works with RSS. i had even to ask some sites for the RSS Feed.

@killyourfm yup, as a source for chatbots and my feedreader of course. There are rss/atom feeds for GitHub projects, too. Nice way to stay informed about new releases.

Yep. Went back to it a couple of years back with a self hosted TTRSS instance. All my updates in one place and nice and easy to keep up with news. The compatible mobile apps are nice too
@killyourfm No real RSS client is active here, but I use it through #Friendica and @owncloud News.

@killyourfm I use RSS every single day. It's the backbone of podcasting, of course, but I also have many feeds running into my Inoreader account. RSS is one of the more remarkable yet little known innovations of the web.

@killyourfm i host my own freshrss. Access to one list of finely curated crap on my every device!

@killyourfm I do, best way to have some level of control on your news.

@killyourfm does Feedly count? I use it for YouTube (some of the account I follow have been demonetized and YouTube doesn’t even let subscribers know when they drop). That’s not entirely the reason why I moved all my subscriptions though.

@killyourfm podcasts, news articles and GitHub updates for different projects. It's an essential for me tbh!

@killyourfm I currently follow around 30 blogs, newsletters, and webcomics via RSS, with more added anytime I come across someone’s site whose writing I find interesting or entertaining. I would love if Thunderbird’s RSS support had some way of syncing the read/unread status of articles across computers/the forthcoming mobile app, whether that meant integrating with external RSS reader services or some kind of Thunderbird account.

@killyourfm can't live without it. I'm using feedly as rss reader.

@killyourfm Still waiting for something better to come along #rss

@killyourfm I am an Rss addict. I have more than 500 #RSS feeds. I use it for Youtube, Reddit, podcasts, blogs,...

@killyourfm The closest thing to RSS I use is whatever comes through my feeds on Reddit, Twitter, or Apple News. (I used to use a Google Feed though). RSS on its own is unbearably stripped for my needs. I need something that intelligently provides content to me rather than just being a pile of whatever comes down the garbage chute each day.

@Schykle I can NOT get Apple News to cooperate with me and properly learn what I don't want. A shame because I love how it delivers the content.

@killyourfm Ah, dang! That's a shame. It is really hard because I have noticed that getting Apple News to do the right thing takes a lot of fiddling and time for it to get to the right space.

Very frustrating and it took me months, to be totally honest.

@killyourfm I do; I like that it basically gives me the ability to curate my own news feed from sources that *I* specify, rather than some algorithm doing it for me.

Also great for keeping up with blog posts from e.g. GNOME and Fedora

@killyourfm I do, via Feedly. That way I have it available on all devices, on home or on the go.

I do quite a bit. I use newsboat and have the db synced via syncthing
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