Hey Fediverse experts, is there an app like Buffer or Hootsuite that works for Mastodon? Asking for a friend.

(That friend is @thunderbird)

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@mikeneumann @thunderbird Thanks Mike -- but yes AND no?

I'm looking for an app that's cross-platform, and supports multiple team members and scheduling of toots/posts.

@killyourfm @thunderbird

Ahh, gotcha. That level of app is outside of my experience.

Hopefully you'll get a better/more complete response. :)

@killyourfm @mikeneumann @thunderbird I am thinking of andstatus.

But not sure if that has teams support.

AndStatus (Multiple accounts client for multiple social networks)

@killyourfm @thunderbird this is the only tool I know of that can schedule posts, but I’ve never used it before.

@mike @thunderbird Yeeeaaa it's the only one I've seen as well (aside from a Linux one that works via command line).

Hopefully as Mastodon grows, the tools will also expand.

Friendica (part of the Fediverse, like Mastodon) supported buffer. However, the app was no longer developed. I don't know if it can be brought up to date again with little effort.…

@iam_jfnklstrm @thunderbird The Desk is cross-platform AND supports scheduling! Thank you VERY VERY much.

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