I am ridiculously excited to announce my new role: Marketing Manager for !

I'll be helping out with comms on social media (including here at Mastodon), crafting content for the website, and handling the Thunderbird newsletter.

Here's to making email better together!

@killyourfm So glad that Mozilla is investing in people to share their vision. I've been related to software related to Netscape/Mozilla since 1995 and still using Thunderbird today (and love it, to be honest). Congratulations.

@NiLace Thanks for such an awesome message! I think the rest of 2022 and into 2023 is going to leave you smiling :D

@killyourfm I've seen around a little sneek-a-peek of what's coming and I'm eager to put my hands on it already :) Congratulations again, awesome job position. Good luck and all the best.

@NiLace I may have also seen this and your excitement is warranted!

@killyourfm Just to avoid confusion (English is not my mother tongue language) by “related to” I mean being a plain user 😞

@killyourfm Congrats!

I'll be honest, I thought Thunderbird had been abandoned ages ago...

@killyourfm Oh. Ohhhh... 😁

JK, so far, I really enjoy using Thunderbird!

And congrats on the new role! 👍

@killyourfm Awesome! Mostly happy Thunderbird user here.
I'm looking forward to even better.

@BobCollins Feel free to reach out personally with any criticism or feedback, yes?

Mostly UI could be more intuitive. I watch my wife get wrapped around the axel too much, and she is doing simple stuff.
The RSS interface is mostly experiment-till-it-works for me.

I really do love having a great, cross-platform (Linux, Mac) mail client, so Thunderbird for the win.

@killyourfm That's awesome news! Congratulations! They couldn't have picked a better man for the job. 👍

@killyourfm Congrats!! :ablobparty: Does Thunderbird have an official fediverse account already?

@mgrondin I think it's @thunderbird but I'll confirm once I get up to speed tomorrow.

@killyourfm Glad to hear it! I don't currently use a desktop mail client, but might have to look into Thunderbird

@gregandcin If you decide to jump in, grab the Beta version. LOTS of visual improvements there.

@killyourfm I'll keep that in mind! Guess I have to find an easy way to get that on Arch lol

@killyourfm Just got it off the AUR, but I will keep the Flatpak in mind!

Congratulations Jason.

We suppose our question is what can Thunderbird do to limit their use of Amazon Web Services? Last we checked Thunderbird relies far too much on Amazon servers. It had an aggressive phone home feel, with the firewall screaming Amazon, Amazon Amazon.

To what extent can Amazon be purged from the stack? this is preposterous but I'm now imagining you posting here via Thunderbird somehow

@killyourfm when are you gonna fix the bug where you can't dismiss reminders from google calendars? 😂 (i'm kidding i'm kidding)

congratz :)

@killyourfm Ok, I have to ask... did you have the same surname before getting into marketing, or was that a rebrand? Either way, it's the perfect name for someone evangelizing for a great FOSS project!

@killyourfm Congrats, and long live to Thunderbird! Hope it’s gonna pick up JAMP at some point.

Are there any plans to fix Thunderbird's broken plain text mode?

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