Anyone else hope Mastodon gets away from the word "toot?"

(Also, yes, most Americans probably associate toot with fart...)

@killyourfm the next release will kill toot.. but also Toot rules and anti-toot people are cowards.

*US Americans
(I have friends in Canada, LatAm and South America)

What do you suggest instead?

@killyourfm Not more than I think twitter should get away from tweet. I like that there is a funny word for posting but most of the time I dont use it similar to how I dont use "google-ing" for searching the internet etc..
I dont mind if platforms have their own insider vocabulary but most of the time a more general phrase might be better.

@Lamdarer actually you're right! I really need to embrace my light-hearted side more often. I dunno, I like this word, I think it originally comes from the sound of elephant makes. Also, I don't see a problem with fart, like for reals we're talking about short twitter-like message most people won't even think through before writing. Is there any term better then fart for this?)

@killyourfm What if my posts are brain farts from time to time, though? :welp:

@killyourfm It seems that is what elephants, and mastodonts, do. But in Spanish "Barritar" was rejected as translation. I think "SHARE" or "COMPARTE" would be a better verb,

>most Americans
Just fork it and rename or use pleroma.

@killyourfm I like the word, and I've never associated it with anything rather than a sound that horns (or elephants) make :P would be very sad to see it replaced with a generic word like "post"

@killyourfm in my opinion i hope they keep it. It makes social media less boring and more personal :)

@killyourfm At first I thought "that's bad marketing!" and now I think I'm less concerned with marketing. If I could come up with something cute that didn't mean fart I might suggest it.

@killyourfm not sure what they should replace it with, but yeah, "toot" I don't think will catch on like tweet.

@killyourfm yes. I still accidentally call them tweets, even after about 10 months of only interacting with Twitter through notifications and ActivityPub bridges.

I try to use the term “post”, but I don’t really love that term either — when I talk about writing on a weblog, I prefer to use “article”, “entry”, or something like that.

@mike @killyourfm I like the idea of calling them “snippets”, which under the circumstances makes perfect sense.

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