HA! legally acquired after creating a Linode cloud server and having @bashfulrobot remote into my PC to do some SSH tunnel wizardry.

Legally acquiring music should not be this hard!

But hey, now I have a Qobuz account and can use it here in Croatia since I "registered" in the US ;-)

Thanks to everyone who recommended it.

(Btw, Eddie Van Halen's son plays and sings EVERYTHING on this album. The harmonies are divine, the hooks are infectious, the melodies are catch as hell)

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@NiLace I can't get enought of it. I hope he has a long and successful (and prolific!) music career.

@killyourfm Yep, me too. I have read critics related to who his father was (because otherwise he wouldn’t have so much expose). My guess is that most critics in social media haven’t listened to the tracks. Such a shame…

@killyourfm @bashfulrobot any tips for DRM-free ebooks? For example, James SA Corey's Expanse legally DRM-freed?

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