I have now tried both 7Digital and Qobuz (based on your recommendations) in an effort to purchase some of my favorite new albums digitally.

This is what I'm faced with and it's supremely frustrating. Here I am, someone TRYING to spend money on music and services saying "nah, we don't want your money."

This is why some people just pirate music ffs.

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@killyourfm Every time I listen to my Plex Server it reminds me of music I haven’t heard in awhile. That’s because some music isn’t available on any streaming services or can’t be bought. No surprise that people still pirate or record it off YouTube if available.

@killyourfm Yeah... There's an album I wanted the Hi-Res version of, but Hi-Res is only available from the GB store not the US store.

I think it's more about the byzantine world of media rights than anything else, but still sucks a lot.

@cassidyjames @killyourfm Love Tidal. I tried it this year and switched over. Didn’t know there was a store.

@DarkWraithLord yeah! I don’t subscribe to the streaming (I get YouTube Music with a family plan for finding random stuff), but I like their store so I can buy albums in FLAC to put on my Plex server.

@cassidyjames Sadly it doesn't work. I tried buying an album with both paypal and CC, and I just get a vague red error at checkout.

@killyourfm boo. I suspect they are US-centric in that case. I have bought a few albums there because they are one of the few places I can find most things as FLAC.

@cassidyjames it was a great suggestion. I didn't even know they HAD a store until you mentioned it.

@killyourfm Well, it's not precisely their fault. Sometimes it depends on the Music Rights. Some companies buy distribution rights for one specific country.

@killyourfm As equally frustrating as mainstream bands releasing albums just on streaming albums. There are some of us that still like to own music

@killyourfm ah so annoying. I suspect some licensing issues that are country dependent. I see you tried VPN as well and it didn’t work. Which is surprising I used one with a US IP and had no issues.

@kawa A friend suspects they started blocking entire services (like Digital Ocean) or ranges of IPs.

But there's a happy ending! Same friend did some wizardry on a Linode server and got me registered.

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