I'm a Thunderbird user now!
Any add-ons you'd recommend?

Yes, I obviously have the Dracula theme already installed !

(And no, I don't mind you seeing my email addresses)

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@kytta Do you recommend any tweaks to the default settings for DKIM Verifier?

@killyourfm I only changed the colours so that when a signature is correct, it doesn't change colour, but when it's wrong, it has a bright red background. Other than that I didn't change anything

@killyourfm Just trying it out or did you choose it for some specific features?

@geewiz Partially curiosity, partially out of a certain professional interest, and partially because I want to have much more control over my email and calendar experience.

@killyourfm Interesting! I've never stuck with an email app for long because I always ran into some kind of roadblock and returned to Gmail in the browser. Haven't looked at Thunderbird for a decade, probably. Maybe it's time to give it another try.

@geewiz If you do, I recommend the beta branch!

Visually, it still lags behind the alternatives, but that's going to change by next year.


XNote++ is rather nice and I also like using dark reader at night...

@thewk This looks great! Bummer that it isn't compatible with the Beta version of Thunderbird...

Well, I guess you'll need to wait for an update then ;-)

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