Me: Starts making a more concerted effort to ditch Google. Installs on a Huawei P40 Pro.

ProtonMail: "Notifications will not work without Google Play Services installed."

@killyourfm Strange and quite unnecessary, you'd think.
Especially because their ProtonVPN had an app on Fdroid.

@killyourfm can someone telle why I get notified via gmail that I have a new message on my protonmail account? WTF?

@killyourfm Have you tried using K-9 Mail or something similar and hooking into ProtonMail using standard POP3/IMAP?

@killyourfm that's a bummer. Why don't you try some other email providers like Posteo? Look for something that provides full interoperability. This way you'll be able to use apps like K9 Mail.

@killyourfm If you want to ditch #Google you gotta start by ditching Android. Apple isn’t perfect... but WAY better than Google for privacy.

@mostly_linux @killyourfm Nope. Apple is not way better than Android. They both collect the same data (contacts, photos, calendar, email, browser, passwords etc). Literally no difference

@killyourfm I've been down that road before and IMO it's not worth it. To be 100% private you have to stop using all online services.

Instead I run my LG V30 stock but have 2 apps installed that aid privacy:

Tracker Control (F-Droid) - finds and blocks all trackers inside apps. Can also block any app from having internet access.

Bouncer (Play Store) - automatically removes all app permissions from an app when closed (camera, mic,. location, storage, contacts etc)

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