PC GAMERS! Framerate or graphics quality? Which do you prioritize and why?

@killyourfm Depends on the context. In multiplayer, especially competitive it's better to have faster framerate, the fidelity alone won't grant you any favors.

@killyourfm Frame rate. I turn off lighting or blurring effects.
@killyourfm depends on the game, but usually framerate. Games that are multi-player usually have mechanics or social aspects that are more appealing than the games graphical quality, and most game mechanics seem to improve more with frame rate rather than graphics. Single player games that are story driven I would probably prioritize graphical quality over framerate.

@killyourfm Usually input-lag (so framerate). Because I absolutely can't stand slow or sluggish inputs.

I also prefer to turn down the texture-quality last, because I think that's one of the most noticable changes.

BUT: "I want it all"
[Send using a RTX 3080]

@killyourfm Generally quality as long as it runs 30fps and for some action packed games 60 fps

Framerate first! If it's too low, games can become unplayable.

@killyourfm I usually prioritize framerate and am only interested in aiming for maximum graphics quality if I can stay above 60fps at all times because I'm fairly sensitive to input lag.

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