It's an unusually kickass Monday. Because THIS Monday marks the beginning of my new role as a Community Space Manager with, plus the launch of Tech For Everyone!

I'll have a lot more to say and show you later. Until then, go rock your Monday!

Welcome to your home for fun, approachable and conversational consumer tech coverage.

Welcome to TECH FOR EVERYONE at!

@killyourfm All the best for settling into your new role. I do miss your regular Linux for Everyone videos but looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us with the new branding. Love your work & all you contribute to the community - thanks Jason.

That's great news Jason. I've added my name to the waiting list. Glad to see you moving in this direction. It's going to be fantastic.

@killyourfm Only 1 problem: the app won't run on a rooted Android device like mine. Strange that this should be an issue. My banking app runs fine but Voice refuses to. I may not be able to follow you over there after all because of it...

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