@kev I had the same reaction to that "longevity" argument.

This is simply dishonest marketing.

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@killyourfm yeah, 100%. Not sure what planet they’re in to think people will swallow that rubbish.

@kev @killyourfm There is one advantage that it has over flashing regular phones ... hardware killswitches!

Why can't someone just do that?!

I'm in total agreement with everything else you said, the #pinephone will get the crowd that's more concerned with privacy over features.

@kev @killyourfm for 450€ you can get the Fairphone 3, which actually has longevity by having everything user replaceable! And otherwise you have the Pinephone for 150$ with similar specs and hardware switches 😎

So yeah, the 799$ price tag is just absurd 🙃

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