So many people complain when I cover Deepin Linux. Why don't I see the same level of complaining & ignorant xenophobia about Linux laptop favorite Lenovo?

You know, that company that secretly installed freaking rootkits on their laptops. Oh, you forgot about that? :D

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@killyourfm Lenovo didn't create something like Lenovo Linux

@killyourfm This is a great point that I see people in the Linux community gloss over.

I don't really know why some people think so. It's all open sourced, right? You can check it for spyware and if you're not a tech person then you can be sure that someone checked it, or will do so.

@killyourfm I didn’t know about this Lenovo issue. Good to know though, thank you! :) I don’t think people should be biased based on where the product comes from, but I think a “trust, but verify” standpoint should be taken with all hardware and software vendors. This is a major benefit for open source software. We can verify :) And such a beautiful and compelling distro is worth the trouble of verifying. :)

@killyourfm I've never understood that willful ignorance. that said, I'd like to see some kind of audit or testing of Deepin before I were to put any important data in it.

@killyourfm I love Deepin and love the coverage you do because it's easier for me to see what features are new that get me excited to try it out on my Laptop.

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