Looks like Spotify has recognized and promoted an idea to bring a "native" version to distributions like Arch and others.

You can vote and read the discussion here:

@killyourfm Thanks for sharing, will definitely up-vote.

@killyourfm lol what? That initial thread is going on for years and miles and now they noticed the hundreds of people and ask for a poll? Insane.

@bekopharm @killyourfm I see you are new to corporate user feedback threads. *cough Adobe for Linux cough*

@killyourfm @Gina I do wonder btw about development on this. The original dev is long gone and I don't think that there have been any new features ever since. It just works [currently].

@killyourfm I think this is just about including in a repos right? I've been running the same client on Mac and Linux for a while now.
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