Hey everyone, I've started an account for my podcast and related and ramblings.

Find it here: @Linux4Everyone

@killyourfm @Linux4Everyone best thing you could do! - Twitter and it’s corporate overlords are doing their censorship thing with impunity now. Let’s support FOSS!

@killyourfm @Linux4Everyone I'm curious, what do you mean precisely by for everyone?

How have you described it / introduced it to your audience?

@maloki @killyourfm That's a great question, and I actually have not done an episode saying "This is what Linux IS."

I was afraid that if I did that, I would lose a lot of the audience who didn't want or need to to be "caught up."

But I try to present the show in a non-technical way, and get non-Linux interested in it through the topics and the way I promote it.

@killyourfm @Linux4Everyone Just listened to the first couple of episodes. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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