You might be turned off by podcasts because:

1) They're too long
2) They're too technical

If that describes you, please give mine a shot!

@killyourfm do you also use the term "podcasts" for streaming videos? =/ anyway: i read for information, i watch for emotions. linux is more about information for me, i find it too tedious to watch through a videocast for anything useful. if i watch something for emotions, it's definitely not youtube and not linux reviews. there, you have it.

@killyourfm I prefer long-form podcasts, but I'll def give you a shot anyways!
Feel free to slip in some BSD news :)

Happy to report that I found your podcast through and that's good because many of us FOSS types prefer gpodder over other sources for podcast subscription. I became aware of your work through the Choose Linux podcast and wondered what you were up to. I'll be downloading all of your episodes for my commute. Glad to see you rocking the Foo Fighter shirt. That's really cool.

@oranje I saw the Foos THREE TIMES this summer and feel spoiled rotten.

And hey, it finally landed on gPodder!? Excellent!

Thanks for listening.

Wow! 3 times. You are lucky. That's a good summer.

@oranje An even better summer because until I moved to Europe in 2017, I had seen them approximately zero times!

I've told my spouse, no matter the cost, we are getting tickets the next time they come through Texas.

@killyourfm the problem with most Linux podcasts is the audio quality.

@killyourfm I'm mostly turned of by non-libre Linux netcasts. Everyone is (obviously) free to talk and recommend whatever they want, but me personally don't like it when they recommended non-libre software over libre software.

Libre software is what made Linux into what it is and it's the only way for a sustainable and ethical future. Proprietary software doesn't work when you involve greedy humans into the equation. :)

@hund I respect your opinion on this, although it differs from mine.

From a practical standpoint, -- as a gamer and someone trying to get Linux visible to the mainstream -- I simply can't embrace 100% libre software all the time.

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