Putting out another call: I'm looking for using or software to create their tunes.

All genres welcome, as long as it's quality!

This is for my podcast Linux For Everyone. To be honest, this stuff is hard to find.

Help me find it!

@killyourfm I use ardour, audicity & reaper to record live music, up to 16 tracks. Haven't done it for a while but have a project coming up. Happy too chat

@the_englishman please keep me posted. Any samples of your existing music out there?

@killyourfm backed up on a hard drive somewhere. Would you like me to dig it out? May take a while!

@killyourfm @unfa @unfa_channel @unfa
Uh oh. I couldn't remember your name in english, so I tried polish, but...
I seem to have trained yandex now :-/ срзоон It doesn't even make sense :-)

@killyourfm there's an open-source music discord server; I could ask over there if anyone could help you out.

@Nemo I don't know discord very well; the server is called OpenSourceMusic, and I think it might be invite only?

@killyourfm Glad to see people advocating for Linux! All my music is made on Linux with Bitwig and Renoise


all of my contributions to whale's latern collaborations use only linux & open source software

(earth, air, henry ford, (framed fibonacci) variants)

@js0000 Thanks for responding. Could you please email me a couple of the best to

Thank you!

sent a note from a different account than the one attached to this account, but my username is the same 'js0000'

let me know if you don't get it

@killyourfm I know I made my podcast with Audacity...

... and I've heard that most of the music by GADGETTO was either unique self-made instruments or open source software...

@stragu Yes, you absolutely may!

Hi Luka, are you Croatian by chance? (I live in Zagreb).

I'll check out your music for the show :D

@killyourfm hello Zagreb! Ljubljana here. :)

I'll be in Zagreb soon (in a month) with this (music made with #Linux / SuperCollider):

(there's also a release out :bandcamp:

My most often used tools are Renoise, :sccube: SuperCollider and Ardour on :ubuntustudio: #UbuntuStudio

@stragu thanks for connecting!

@killyourfm you might wanna look to the algorave community :)
they dont exclusively work on linux but lots of their tools are open source (pd, supercollider, extempore)

i know theres also @luka who does use FOSS (iirc, please correct me if I'm wrong)

@y0x3y @killyourfm

Yeah, one of prominent members (and founders) of Algorave is Alex McLean/Yaxu. Here's a release of his made with his own live coding software Tidal Cycles (on Linux of course)


Actually also on fediverse :mastodon: @yaxu @yaxu @yaxu but not very active..

@killyourfm Making stuff in #SuperCollider, mostly for live dance performance, so not many recent tunes around, but check out the trailers for our works here: ;-)

@killyourfm I haven't composed in a long time, but could give it another go!! (and yes, on Linux.)

@funnypanja @NerdResa can you help me understand? Why does FLOSS stuff warrant a content warning?

@funnypanja @killyourfm @NerdResa Hey, why is this required ? C is supposed to avoid triggers and spoils and that sort of stuff, how is FLOSS supposed to be concerned by this ?

@killyourfm I made this "song" (probably not the quality you were looking for lol) back when there wasn't an "undo" function in LMMS and I annoyed the devs by asking where I could pay for the feature ^.^;;

@raichoo @killyourfm people usually post new stuff on You'll see quite a few '[Music]' prefixed posts.

Demo of my band is if you accept #FreeBSD :o) It's Ardour based session.

@killyourfm Would you like some decent WIP premieres too? I'm slowly aggregating stuff for my next album :)

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