@bekopharm well not you! But there must 1000s of these. I gave up scrolling.

@killyourfm Odd. Nothing showed up on my stream [yet]. Mayhap our instance admin is doing a better job ;)

@killyourfm wtf
Block user, report instance to admin of layer8.space

This. When that many users/bots are doing bad things, is an indicator of a rogue instance. Tell your own admin to block the instance, it's the most effective way of dealing with them.

@killyourfm what the fuck? uh... no seriously what the fuck. Is this a gab thing?

@killyourfm ugh, happened to me too. Muting the entire domain doesn't help; how do you clean up your follower list?

@michel_slm I'd love to hear that answer. All those notifications are gone so I'm assuming the admin of this instance dealt with it? But I still have 1.2K followers and about 1K are spam :/

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