Introducing my new ! A show about desktop , open source sofware, and the people creating it!

@killyourfm when is it gonna be in all the Places?
(My podcast app cant find it)

@Strit Hopefully within the week. It's in Spotify, Pocketcasts and Castbox, and submitted to iTunes. Once it lands on iTunes it'll probably populate everywhere else.

@killyourfm I'll give it a listen. But it's gonna have to earn it's spot on my player.

@killyourfm That's awesome, I really liked your enthusiasm and opinions on Choose Linux, so I'm glad that you've started your own thing. I just finished listening to episodes #0 and #1, so you gained another listener.

@mariusz And THAT is awesome! Thanks for the encouragement and for listening!

@killyourfm listening to the first episode and it's lovely!

@killyourfm Android doesn't recognize the RSS link so it's opened with the browser instead of my podcast-player. You may want to have '.rss' at the end of the URL.

@hexmasteen Same thing happens on my Android. Can you try just copy/pasting the RSS into your podcast player? That should do the trick. The RSS feed that Fireside provides is automatic so I can't change it.

@killyourfm I used that workaround, yes. Just thought it would be nice if it's easily fixable.

@killyourfm dude I knew your picture looked familiar. I've been subscribing to your podcast through my Roku device via Plex. How the heck are you? Keep up the good work.

@agentcasey I'm doing well, thanks!! Sorry the podcast feed has been so silent lately. Been concentrating more on the video side of things.

Thanks for saying hello!

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