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A friendly reminder that exists. It's part of the family, and you're going to "hear" a lot more about it soon ;-)

You can also visit

And I better not see you FOSS developers promoting any of your work here on Twitter either! </s>

The FOSS ethics police are exhausting.

So this just happened! Been keeping it a bit of a secret :D

Stay tuned for a seriously thought-provoking discussion about the video game industry, featuring and

I want to show people how easy it is to contribute to their favorite and projects, and HOW MANY WAYS they can contribute -- without knowing any code.

Please help with this one! It will eventually live on the new website.

Last night I had a decidedly pandemic-inspired nightmare. Lana and I were at an ice cream shop. By law, you couldn't leave until washing your hands under supervision.

None of the employees would let us do that, though. They taunted us. Toyed with us. We were trapped for hours...

If you need storage drives, buy them. Buy them right now.

And if you're doubting the potential popularity of this, the guy created the bittorent protocol so....

Can confirm. The ONE reason I boot into Windows ( multiplayer) now runs like garbage on my Ryzen 3900x / Radeon 6800XT PC.

Dear, love ya but I do NOT understand the purpose of an embargoed press release surrounding 21.04. The date is known, the features are known, it's all out in the open.

Asking a tech writer to respond + agree to an embargo to receive said information is perplexing.

In today's newsletter, I wrote about a prescription-only, remotely-delivered digital cognitive intervention to treat "brain fog."

Or, what it's referred to by normal people: a video game...

"Remotely-delivered digital cognitive intervention" is the medical industry's fancy way of describing what thing enjoyed by roughly 2.7 billion people around the globe?

We did it! 400+ subscribers to the newsletter, thank you!

That means a special surprise is coming to your inbox soon, where YOU get to choose something I'll buy and review!

It won't be shared or promoted publicly, so now's your last chance to jump in:

Brand new weekly episodes of the podcast are coming! And a new GitHub repo. And a new website. And a new Matrix channel...

Listen to this "mini-sode" for all the details!

Working on a little something for fans 👀🐧

Can't wait for to introduce the Pop OS 21.04 beta? Rolling your own ISO is easy!

Here's a short clip from the upcoming interview...

Me: "I'm supporting X project on Linux!"
Grumpy Linux user: "You should be supporting Y instead."

(X and Y also = distros, far far far too often)

F*** off with that attitude! Let people enjoy and support the software they want to enjoy and support.

I originally wrote this for Voice, and it went kinda viral here on Twitter.

Then Voice put all content behind a registration wall, so I republished it on Medium today. Enjoy!

So, the new website:
-Wordpress (open source)
-Astra theme (open source)
-Hosted via (open source)

And the forum software will either be Discourse or Flarum (both open source!)

I had NO idea had implemented this in their auto-window tiling feature. Now I'm REALLY in love with Pop OS. Tabbed app switching!

(Watch the right side).

Today, let's take a detour from the tech news. Let me take you on a visual journey to one of my favorite places in !

We're going to Safari Bar!

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