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Introducing my new ! A show about desktop , open source sofware, and the people creating it!

* Reflections from the field *

"I have deleted Windows 10 and installed Ubuntu. I will never use Windows again; Game Over.

Months of tweaking Windows 10: removing services, stopping processes, uninstalling apps, doing all sorts of hacks, I was done. Over. I can't handle this garbage anymore.

I made a final decision & switched to Linux Ubuntu.

I'm relieved.

I'm so surprised that people are still using Windows. Something is wrong."

#Linux #deleteWindows10 #Ubuntu

Episode 4 of Linux For Everyone is now available in your favorite player!

Featuring special guest @dasgeek and a fond look back at 1 year with Steam Proton!

+ Great tips for beginners!

My wife and I met project leader Matthew Miller in Budapest tonight. There was much geeking out.

@killyourfm loving the podcast so far.

Got my wife to drop adobe and switch to Linux. Today she learned she can play age of empires in steam and is a happy camper. I am playing some rise of nations with the community workshop kits and seem less play back on modest hardware.

A truly privacy-focused product must protect your data from itself, protect your data from others, be fully open source, and have a direct funding model. See how elementary does all of the above.

Are you brand new to ?

Next week on Episode 4 of Linux For Everyone, the community shares their best tips for Linux beginners. Plus, a deep dive on the first year of , a software tip, and some FOSS rock from Lorenzo's Music.

Just search for "linux for everyone" in your favorite player!

@killyourfm ugh, happened to me too. Muting the entire domain doesn't help; how do you clean up your follower list?


In the first Community Voice segment, listeners sound off about Manjaro 18.1 and the LibreOffice versus FreeOffice situation. Plus an awesome way to browse those man pages and learn some new Terminal commands!

For the Gaming Report, @zapakitul of Bearded Giant Games discusses his 'Linux First Initiative,' an unusual origin story, & what it takes to survive as a one-man indie game studio. Then Antroxity takes us out with some atmospheric electronica.

I've launched a Discord
server for the community to hang out, geek out, join fellow distrohoppers, get help and generally be awesome to each other.

Join the fun!

This is not your typical origin story!

Find out more on Episode 3 of Linux For Everyone on Wednesday!

(Find it in your favorite player)

I want to thank @unfa for being awesome and saying such nice things about my podcast. Truly an awesome (and talented) human being.

My musical monthly livestream starts in 2 hours (8 PM CET). Though the warmup starts at 7:30 PM CET.
Gonna show some new music I made, show one insane open-source plug-in, advertise a cool event for open-source music people, play your submissions and have a great cup of coffee - all live through the power of Internet!
Join me and let's make some music :)
#unfalive #music #CreativeToots

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