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Review: Raspberry Pi 400 with Linux 20.10

*by for magazine

When you're simultaneously getting ready for the Garuda Distro Community Challenge *and* prepping a video about Ventoy.

Having the most popular Linux distro on the newest is awesome, but is it usable as a daily driver?

My love letter to the command line.
Or as one viewer called it, "nerd spoken word" 🤣

Let's light up that YouTube channel with some new stuff, shall we?

“Between a worldwide pandemic, natural disasters and political upheavals, we all found different ways to cope with the world around us. Me? Like I have done since I was about 13 or 14, I turned to music.” — Jerry Morrison

Need some help getting to sleep or just want to gaze at a beautiful sea sunrise? Try this:

When you have a chocolate lab named who doesn't understand why the ball (or as we know it, BB-8) moves on its own.


Has anyone checked out the snap of lately? (I'm on 20.10 currently). There are a LOT more recording encoder and source options than I'm used to seeing. Very cool!

I started a new YouTube channel, inspired by where I spent my summer recovering from Legionnaire's Disease.

I finally decided to open one of the many emails sends every day.

I was not disappointed 😅😂🤣

I just picked up my 2016 MacBook Pro from the service center here in Zagreb (I'd had enough of the crappy keyboard). They replaced that, entire bottom half of the chassis, and installed a fresh battery for about $50.

It feels brand new! Think I can wait for now :D

Finally, a Linux distro purpose-built for multitouch interfaces. I'm enthusiastic about this one, but it's way too early to render a verdict.

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