Momma just dropped their debut album, and you need to pay attention to this.

It's alternative/grunge that sounds like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day right after playing on a slip 'n' slide.

Message Header: TRANSFORM!

#Thunderbird102 features a redesigned message header that lets you focus on what matters by highlighting important information.

BONUS: It's more responsive, easier to navigate, and you can create new calendar events and tasks from the header itself!

Thunderbird 102 is now available! It's a SERIOUS upgrade loaded with highly-requested features like:

📨 Brand New Address Book
📨 New Spaces Toolbar
📨 Import/Export Wizard
📨 Redesigned Message Header
📨 Beautiful new icons and & color folders

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The System76 Launch keyboard has prompted me to really analyze my typing.

I use my left thumb 100% of the time to hit the spacebar. Never realized it!

And that is why their split spacebar makes so much sense to me. Because now the right side is Backspace.

I TOTALLY get it now.

New bike! 🚲😍
First one since moving to Croatia. First NEW bike I've owned in probably 15+ years.
(It's a Kross Evado 2.0)

Broke it in immediately. Time to crank my exercise up a notch.

It's so awesome to see this combination of hardware (and software) together! This is the HP Dev One laptop, powered by Pop OS.

Plus a System76 Launch Keyboard.

Rejected character models for upcoming Final Fantasy game, or rock band "From Ashes To New"?

TIL: the term "bouncing", related to an audio render of several tracks into one, comes from when producers had to record several tracks from a tape onto a single stereo track on a different tape, to free space for more tracks. The term refers to how these tracks were "bouncing" or "ping-ponging" between tapes.

When I started working in recording studios we had tape, and everything was still analog, yet by being in Italy I missed the reference altogether until now.


Me at a concert pre-COVID: "I love every second of this experience and music is life!"

Me at a concert post-COVID: "Humans are disgusting."

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