Going to be playing some Linux games over at twitch.tv/sirsamsai in 15 minutes! Tonight's menu: Barotrauma and DASH, which are followed by the continuation of our DUSK playthrough. See you in the chat!

@killyourfm Shame to hear you go from "Choose Linux"! I've really enjoyed to hear your journey into the open source world! I think it's so important to get new users's impressions as the rest of us are so used to how it's like :flan_smile: But it got me to know you're here, which is fantastic! More public figures promoting open source social media!

@killyourfm I occasionally do. Don't have a website for that although maybe this counts as a website?
All info is in the readme.

<BRAGGING>this track won 1st place on the One Synth Challenge</BRAGGING >

ftr (as described in the readme) one piece of proprietary software was used, OTT...
I since then learned how to get the same effect with opensource tools.


I sincerely want to do some benchmark comparisons between and on Windows, but I am going to feel so dirty installing it on my Oryx Pro.

@BigDaddyLinux @killyourfm Another thing to consider is the local timeline for every instance, which enhances the feeling of local and cosy communities.

Sure, it's all federated and all that, but on a Linux centric instanse you will see a lot of Linux-y statues from people without even following them.

It's a great way of discovering new fun people as well as just lurking around when bored.

So, does the instance matter? I personally think so. :)

Total Mastodon noob question: is there any benefit or drawback to seeing on a certain instance? When I signed up I was here on layer8.space, but now I'm seeing linuxrocks.online -- that is way more my speed :D

Anyone have any suggestions for people to follow who provide good #FOSS news but aren't overly shrill brogrammer types? Asking for a friend...

Are you a who uses and to create your songs? Know someone who is? I want to hear from you!

Send 1 of your favorite tracks in mp3 format, a link to your site or bio and a little bit about your workflow to:


It's an awesome new episode of Choose Linux! We talk about the wonderful Zorin OS, and I take LineageOS for a quick test drive on my Nvidia Shield.

It's also a bittersweet episode, and we discuss why at the end of the show.

fireside.fm/s/lBATGKIU+isB7TFN via @firesidefm

Installing and using Arch Linux is analogous to building with Lego. You start with an idea, build on top of a simple base and then create pretty much anything your imagination can conjure up. There is a learning curve to pay attention to, but thankfully the @ArchLinux_Community community has built a variety of tools to aid in the installation process. Here are two I've personally used that make the typical command-line based installation easier. forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh

New challenge content coming later today at Forbes. In the meantime, check out this amazing guide created by our community, full of awesome tips and tricks! tinyurl.com/archlinuxtips

Easily install Snap apps on elementary OS Linux distro with ‘Snaptastic’ !

elementary OS (or eOS for short) is a Ubuntu-based Linux distribution.

Snaps are a universal app packaging solution for Linux in general, as is Flatpak.

Meet Snaptastic; an app that provides simplicity installing .snap files.

* View and launch Snaps
* Manage Snap updates
* Uninstall
* Open snap://url links
* Install

== > omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/06/instal
#snaptastic #elementaryOS #Linux #LinuxApps #Canonical

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