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Introducing my new ! A show about desktop , open source sofware, and the people creating it!

Check out the latest edition of Destination Linux where yours truly sits in as a guest host. You will get some hot takes on some hot topics. And be sure to subscribe to Destination Linux!

Hey everybody, here's the 90 minute replay of last night's livestream checking out #EndlessOS. I think it's a project worth paying attention!

Donate your spare CPU + GPU compute power to help research and fight #Coronavirus {COVID-19}.

I've setup a Linux For Everyone team. Download folding@home and enter Team #240869. Thank you!

#introductions : Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

This is the big one: a candid, informative and downright fascinating 75 minute conversation with Canonical's Alan Pope. He answers some tough questions like "Why isn't the Snap Store open source?" and "How can you prove Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution?"

We also talk about YouTube vs LBRY, his role as a developer advocate and his passion for interacting with the community, and much, much more. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

Fellow benchmarking junkies and Linux gamers, gather 'round and meet a beautiful tool that not only crunches the numbers for you, but looks beautiful doing it.

Wanna help test a cool new open source project? My buddy Ben has released an alpha for GOverlay, a GUI to manage Linux overlays like MangoHud:

See MangoHud in action here:

There's an awesome tool for benchmarking your #Linux games that not only crunches the numbers for you, but looks damn good doing it:

Wonders never cease: I just recorded my first "Let's Play" about a decade after they stopped being a big deal? :D

Just think we need to see more playthroughs of games on #Linux.

(The game is Halo: Combat Evolved Remastered)

The awesome
@killyourfm invited me on for a chat with him in a segment of this great Linux podcast! Thanks so much, and I hope you all enjoy!

Here's my latest video, but let's give you the link -- honestly I think gaming-centric videos look much better there!

This is our celebration of gaming on Linux.

Listen loudly.
Watch it proudly.
Share it widely.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to INSTALL WARS!

Today we have a THRILLING race to behold as Windows 10, Linux Mint 19.3 and the brand new Manjaro 19 face off to see which is the fastest, and which one gets left in the dust.

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