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Introducing my new ! A show about desktop , open source sofware, and the people creating it!

This is the best thumbnail I've ever seen and I love it and is a wizard.

Also, watch our video :D

Podcast listeners: The GAMES FOR EVERYONE show is now available on!

I just realized is rocking EDEX-UI in this recording!

I've launched a brand new channel about video games with some friends. Here's our latest video!

AMAZING, thank you!

For fun, here's a look back at a silly video where I wrote and performed a song to celebrate 10K subscribers :D

Ok, I'm CLEARLY reaching peak Legends of Tomorrow when Grodd (a very intelligent and very huge telepathic gorilla) travels back in time to kill a young Barack Obama.

At 3 minutes in Grodd tells him "Time to make America Grodd again." So yea, peak Legends of Tomorrow 🤣🦍

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Recording Linux + Coffee is fun.
Watch the new episode Friday on our YouTube channel (

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Shame on for sneaking UNSKIPPABLE ads into , a $60 video game.

Shame on them even more for doing it AFTER all the reviews landed.

It's totally OK to reach out to your favorite content creators. We love hearing from you even if we can't respond to everything.

How to be IGNORED by your favorite content creator: Carpet bombing your message to our email, our contact page, our Twitter, our Messenger...

"Microsoft is installing Office web apps on Windows 10 without your permission"

FALSE: You give Microsoft permission and control over your PC when you install Windows 10 ;-)

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