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Just a heads up that if you're following me here but not on @katastrophe you are missing some fantastic content πŸ˜‰

My personal sieve rules should not be 400 lines long :|

I'm already starting to make use of saved code snippets in Atom a lot, does anyone know of mobile style autocorrect functionality for messaging type apps (email, Slack etc) for ?

Weirdly my wrist issues are mostly a problem on a physical keyboard, touch screens are better. They're still an issue, but nowhere as bad. I suspect autocorrect contributes to that a bit - maybe I should try something similar on the PC.

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Who needs the Infinity Stones when you can already destroy entire timelines like this?

Orc gf legimately doesn't recognize the sad bulgy stranger on the left anymore! 🀣


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nothing like naming your kid after the viceroy of India who orchestrated a partition that left 2 million dead and 14 million displaced.


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I'm working on a new dumb thing! Curated recommendations for women's clothes WITH POCKETS. The site is brand new and needs some polish, and I have a ton more to add, but welcome PocketsOrGTFO to the universe, internet!


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Move over Jordan Peterson this veterinary handbook contains the real rules for life


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American schools should stop forcing our children to learn Arabic numerals.

There are zero reasons we can't just stick to Roman numerals instead.


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Just heard about a customer service exploit where the person called up multiple times and corrected a single character "misspelling" until the entire account was in his name.


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"Maybe women are just naturally better at laundry" = state of the art Ivy League psychology.


holy shit!

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Very exciting news! After @PrEP4AllNow's pressure, Gilead has agreed to release its exclusive patent the manufacturing and sale of Truvada as PrEP, meaning a generic is coming to the market soon. Here is our statement:


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New York City should follow California's lead β€” when police officers commit egregious acts of misconduct, that information should be available to reporters and the public


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No, your zillion dollar a night hotel room is not wheelchair accessible if it does not have a wheelchair accessible shower.

Sigh Vancouver.


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