Celebrating companies for opting out of Google FLoC and using other even sketchier trackers instead is not a commendable achievement.

"Life hard, titties soft" - Unidentified person in a SoundSmith video, moments before unlocking her "primal gamer"

This is my new motto tbh

Streaming Endless Sky again in about 15 minutes, make sure to tune in!

Yeah playing the game properly is cool, but have you ever tried trying to get an early start by capping ships in Hai space before realizing you're in a Shuttle and can't do shit, then buying a Heavy Shuttle and trying again, only to realize you still can't cap a Shield Beetle?

Me too.

First went wonderfully.

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First ever photo of a robot on Mars taken by another robot on Mars!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/daviddlevine/statu

Going to do a quick test stream, and maybe play some of the new release of Endless Sky. Be sure to tune in!


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Things that make me scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", alone in the night, in front of my computer:

"Do you use node.js instead of bash for scripting?"

If you actually do that:

1. You are an idiot and a techbro - but I repeat myself.
2. You will reap a bitter and yet richly deserved harvest.
3. You are a bad person and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Working on an IRC bot for stream interaction, it's looking awesome so far!

I shall introduce myself in the only sensible way: listing off hot takes.

- the web has set back computing by at least 10 years
- Amazon is literally the antagonist from a crappy scifi novel.
- Google isn't as dominant as Amazon in the physical realm but look they're trying their best ok?
- fuck jk rowling in particular.
- also screw richard stallman, ignoring accusations and screaming about cancel culture isn't ok

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