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hey if someone could poke the peeps at shortdot pls do so.

because of this downtime i'm considering re-opening the matrix server but i don't know yet.
i urge you to join the telegram group if you care about status updates
*note this is not the old big group: this is the "new"group :D*

for nerds: i'm getting ican status "serverHold"

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UPDATE: I was in fact dropped by the .icu registery???

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⚠️ THE-SAUNA.ICU PSA: there will most likely be extended downtime for ALL services.
data should be safe but i am going taking proactive steps to handle above and all further unexpected downtime.

What happened?
I honestly don't know, but it seems like I've been dropped on the domain *registry* level.
Seems that other peoples domains are working fine on the .icu namespace but I am ruling for a mistake on ShortDot's end.

What happens now?
We wait for multiple support peeps to answer.

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@k (for the public timeline) anyone else having their .icu domain registered with Porkbun and no longer having it resolve?

anyone else having issues with porkbun?
just me?

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If you're having fun dunking on the queen today, that's great, I love it, just do me a favor: go out there and do some good today, give to an abortion fund or a trans gender confirming surgery fund, support Black, Indigenous, working class and other vulnerable creators, businesses and people in your community, contribute to medical fundraisers. It's more than she ever did.

is no one gonna talk about the massive internet outages we had and are still having or am i schizoposting????

at first i thought i was going even more crazy, but alas no - the internet (as a whole) is having issues.

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depression levels are 57% and rising

(57%) ■■■■■□□□□□

@kescher There's a great document about this (obvs take it with a grain of salt!) that describes not only these issues but many others @ (using keschi's mirror :) that's a great starting point when thinking about potential issues with Crimeflare.

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