a mysterious icon appears on the home page... on a friday :)

after a few hours of fucking around: yes!

i have a nokia 5.4

⚠️ PSA: the-sauna.icu is back online.

Well it was never "offline" but the domain's serverHold was removed - it was removed after i emailed nic.icu's abuse email for the 3rd time (or something like that).

Everything is back to normal and services seem to be stable.
I'd love to know why but all i got was an: "We have removed the server hold" which is to say is a tidbit disappointing.

This all was a hellish experience and I get no answers.
Thanks a lot ShortDot.


telegram pulling a funny :/

btw he also he disabled reactions lmao

cant cope

anyone else up for some beta 1.7.3 gaming?
if you want in, get betterthanadventure installed and send me your ign :)


ok but i bet you don't got these mf's

enjoy i guess?
If you need an account hit me up.
I'll make it public sooner or later.

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