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In Turku now - first time in a train since 2018!

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once you see a leopard wearing sunglasses and a tie on the chest of a grasshopper, you won't be able to unsee it

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grumble, computers 

still annoyed at that Dan Luu article on keyboard latency where the travel time is measured as part of the latency rather than the timespan from *actuation* to USB packet.

so if u move ur finger slower the latency goes up???? that's not reflective of latency *perception* at all imo

> A major source of latency is key travel time. It’s not a coincidence that the quickest keyboard measured also has the shortest key travel distance by a large margin

idk i just. disagree with the whole following paragraph
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> "40 new jobs in your location!"
> click it
> 40 entries for basically the same job by some recruitment agency, not real job posts

Ah yes, entering the workforce is garbage, just how I remember it.
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ok hot take actually but given how prevalent slow internet is in general, can we stop making things that completely fall over with slow internet
if u can't do a thing on a dial up connection the thing sucks imo

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shit post 

YES I'm on the fediverse. NO I'm not trans. NO I don't know how to code. We exist

bois, let's get on MR.BONES WILD RIDE - we're joining NATO.

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when im in a making awful netcode competition and my competition is demonware

artist - album - song:
TV Girl - French Exit - Birds Don't Sing

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anyone know if this kind of behavior might be related to my digitizer being fucked somehow?
it only happens sometimes when i turn the screen on and seems to fix itself after i turn off/on the screen lol

doesn't bother me otherwise than the fact that it called emergency services a few times when i had double tap to awake on (turned it off + turned on show touches in dev settings and yeah - i can live with it).

but yeah just curious if anyone knows / has had this kind of issues before?

you ever just make something quiet by over 60dB?

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gotta tell you i'm used to an odd TLD causing problems but this one's new

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