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I don't wanna be your friend, i just wanna be your bitch.

I just wanna touch you, but not like this.

I don't wanna be your friend, i just wanna kiss your lips.

-Billie Eilish

@maxim thanks, I just noticed this. Everything was behaving very strangely that night. The account is not connected to the others, which share a server.

@pass_it_on this is a good cause. I’ll help you find the kind of site you need. 😀

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#intro #introduction

Pass It On is a wiki for sharing ways to pass on useful items that would otherwise get thrown away.

#Recycling is great, but #reusing is better.

So we're actively looking for details of organisations who can reuse odd items such as (but not limited to): plastic plant-pots, duvets, Christmas trees, knickers, jewellery, used stamps...

We know there are people out there who can use the stuff we'd otherwise throw away.

We know there are people who want to dispose of unwanted stuff responsibly but don't want to spend all their time and energy searching for places to give it to.

We want to connect those two groups and reduce the amount of unnecessary landfill waste.

You can help! Follow, boost, share your info.


@pass_it_on what will be the focus of the wiki? Wikia covers much more than fandom, but there are actually some really great alternatives out there.

If you can see this, @ me. I’m locked out of all my federated stuff. All the @jack@lust.works stuff.

@Ashmain how’d I miss this one? You both look absolutely beautiful. And so happy. 😀

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@Ashmain ask you anything.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Feeling exceptionally fed up with the world, especially the computer part of it. Today.

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@Ashmain it happens. We adjust. We’re humans. Literally defined as constantly changing. You are missed m, love.

@cuddlesbysarah85@switter.at not enough people are standing up to this behavior like you are. We are talking about Art here. And you can’t force or change the flow of art like a BK hamburger.

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