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Did you know, you can narrow down the suggestions from the firefox address bar using the following characters :

^ to search for matches in your browsing history.
* to search for matches in your bookmarks.
+ to search for matches in pages you’ve tagged.
% to search for matches in your currently open tabs.
# to search for matches in page titles.
$ to search for matches in web addresses (URLs).
? to search for matches in suggestions.

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Just discovered #Gancio! An event platform that (partially) supports #ActivityPub and is already being used!

There are already two instances!
gancio.cisti.org (Torino, Italy)
lapunta.org (Firenze, Italy)

Project website:

Code repo:

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RT @RobsonStroud@twitter.com

The Simpsons predicted it (AGAIN)

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Mit Web Key Directory (WKD) wird der Schlüsselaustausch stark vereinfacht und E-Mail-Verschlüsselung erleichtert. Via HTTPS-Verzeichnis wird der öffentliche Schlüssel bereitgestellt.

Wer eine eigene Domain betreibt. Einrichten. Jetzt!

#WKD #Enigmail #GnuPG #Encryption

HowTo: kuketz-blog.de/gnupg-web-key-d

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so uh since i guess you found it, https://search.social is my new project. It's a search engine for the fediverse, it's not an archive nor anything malicious. You can easily opt-out (like you would normally do for any search engine), deletes are deleted, and it's not an archive!
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History time! Check out the green part of this timeline – LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice(.org) (and before that, StarOffice). Our community and certified developers keep pumping out a new major release of LibreOffice every six months – a big thanks to them!

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eben draussen jemand gesehen mit kurzer hose und kniestrümpfen.

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