It is literally harder to get ADHD meds as an adult than it is to transition.


i was given quite a run-around for trying to get ADHD meds. they even thought a lot of my attention and stress problems were probably gender related and prescribed more therapy and possibly transition! isn't that weird?

@baronnarcveldt my doc says it’s because Adderal is a controlled substance and they get dinged if they misdiagnose

@highlandwolland I got dissuaded years ago by a therapist and I still regret it

@highlandwolland seconded, this literally the current struggle of my ADHD having spouse compared to my HRT seeking self

@lexi it’s weird too because it feels like she wants to give me the meds but I didn’t answer the questions correctly.

She even told me what I didn’t answer right on her questionnaire and then set up a follow up appointment, so maybe she was trying to hint at like, “let’s try again, and this time say this”?

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