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I suppose are in order again.

My name is Stephanie; I'm fem, live in the , where I write and . I also play tabletop and video games, and generally dork out about geek stuff.

I'm 42, and neurodivergent in a few interesting ways. I'm a bit nervous about coming back but I hope I can make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Hi! 💖

Steven Wilson Universe - a cartoon about a young musician who saves the universe by being incredibly melancholy and sad.

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The machine taught them to love outward, and hate inward.
The machine made more than one of them.

This was its undoing.

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LGBT scenes circa 2011: Use 'they' UNTIL you know what someone's pronouns are, either by asking them directly in private or by talking to their savvy friend about it. Give your own pronouns with introductions. Don't out people or pressure them to divulge pronouns where that might out them. Correct yourself if you use the wrong pronoun.

[long-ass game of cultural telephone later]

cishet liberals: call people by the pronouns that go with what kinda junk I think they have unless I don't know them and I've clocked them as a trans woman, then use "they" and ask for specifically their pronouns in public in front of other people who may not have clocked them. Got it, seems easy enough

If The Fediverse were a British pub it’d be called The Brood Hen for all the eggs that have hatched here

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I went to the middle of the woods
To spend some time with my girlfriend
The Moon
Isn't she lovely
How radiant she lights our world in silver and shadows

Thinking about mixtapes and trying to avoid 17-minute long songs... but this one is so good!

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Transgender, uplifting/support (aimed at folks who are early in their journey) 

My voice sounds exactly like J.K. Simmons this morning which is rad until you get bored of yelling “And get me pictures of Spider-Man!” and the dysphoria starts to hit.

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