Yes pls ignore me harder, I'm only home alone all day doing nothing, why would I ever want basic fucking human interaction

You'll retweet petite, beautiful anime women 24/7 tho, can't get you to even look at me

The fuck has 4 years even meant to you then?

guess I'm to blame though. way too fat for anyone to wanna do stuff with me. at my wit's end

well it seems as if they're not into me anymore

unlive time

Feels weird that my gf would rather talk about her problems on her twitter rather than talking to me?? idk like. I make it clear to her that I wanna be there for her but she just. Vagueposts to her 3 muts. Oh well ig

Wanna learn how to make pixel art. Never been good at it tho :/ I guess no time like the present?

As it turns out, this instance is mostly german-speaking ;-; wish I could just pick up my account and move it to another instnace

Happy sugar life spoilers 

Finished watching happy sugar life. Definitely not happy about the ending. Unfortunate to see Shio unable to escape the cycle of abuse.

hope everyone here had a good day today (@´ー`)ノ゙ sleep good!

:blobpats: hi everyone this is my first toot ; -; hope everyone's having a nice day

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