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Exciting news from Electric Coin Co., : Halo, a recursive zero-knowledge proof system without requirement of a trusted setup.

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Richard Stallman resigns as president of the Free Software Foundation

Our statement:

Welp, pretty big update (5.4) coming down the pipe for Ephemeral soon. Managed to get two major new features plus a couple nice small improvements:

• NEW! Find-in-page w/Ctrl+F
• NEW! Disable JS from the menu
• Save website suggestions w/Ctrl+D
• Paste and Go in URL bar menu

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the best leadership is the one that makes itself obsolete

Which one are you using?

@alice right and this is why the FSF board has been annoyed with him for some time. basically everyone doing the grunt work that you can talk to at FSF will privately admit that leadership is a black hole there. his stupid epstein post was the catalyst, but the board was already in need of change for some time
@fshadow SFC это показательно, да. Там ребята только в бложик пукают и на этом деятельность заканчивается.

RMS need to found a new more radicalized free software organization where only GNU projects are allowed and to lead away his adepts with him.

Everyone who is bitching at Stallman is a sort of terrorist.

Dostatocnoje kolicestvo lüdej vosprinimajut situaçiju s rms v kategorii svoj-chužoj. Dlä nix soobscestvo edinoglasno prinimajet svojego lidera, a vse napadki idut so storony vragov, v tom cisle zablagovremenno pronikşix v soobscestvo, libo proplacennyx. Kritika dejstvij lidera estj pokuşenije na idei i çennosti soobscestva, i podryv dejateljnosti v stremlenii k çeli. I podobnyje predstavlenija populärny v russkojazycnoj srede, tut takoje myşlenije rasprostraneno i podderživaetsä propagandoj.

keep in mind that the GPLv2 is the brain child of eben moglen and the GPLv3 and AGPLv3 are the children of the GPL revision project, which was also lead by moglen -- not RMS. there is no need to boycott GPL over RMS.
the XEmacs vs GNU Emacs schism was also caused by RMS' stubbornness. EGCS vs GCC in the 90s, as well.
RMS failed to keep the steering committees of GCC and glibc balanced between stakeholders. GCC's steering committee is now dominated by CodeSourcery and their customers, Glibc development was dominated Ulrich Drepper until the situation got so dire that the other developers forked it into EGLIBC, which was such a huge embarassment to the GNU project that they ultimately had to correct the situation despite Stallman.
RMS also failed to commit promised resources to, the group developing GNU Social and GNU.FM, who joined the GNU project in good faith.
RMS was also personally involved in the GNU Libreboot debacle. In fact, the Libreboot debacle happened because FSF terminated an employee who had an altercation with Stallman.
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can you count on your fingers and toes all of the FSF projects RMS sabotaged while in his leadership position?

before writing off RMS as 100% free of software freedom sin, keep in mind that RMS is the reason Mono was able to gain traction (and thus Miguel de Icaza) -- simply because he torpedoed dotGNU (who had a seat in the OASIS group standardizing .NET IL bytecode!!!) due to it being a reimplementation of Microsoft technology.

Lüdi ne smogut osoznatj svoju svobodu, jesli odin borodatyj dädjka im ne rasskažet v com ona zaklücajetsä. V soobscestve nikto nicego ne ponimajet. Nuž messija kotoryj povedöt.

#RMS MIT resignation

To the MIT community,

I am resigning effective immediately from my position in CSAIL at MIT. I am doing this due to pressure on MIT and me over a series of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations.

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