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This is a reminder that I uploaded a short single called Bad Heroes in February.
Please take a look if you haven't yet, I'm going to upload more music soon.

I'd also recommend installing the CAcert roots, in case anything happens to Actalis.

Comodo's free S/MIME certificates have been very useful, and will be missed. Thankfully, Actalis still offers them.

One of my favorite things about old consoles are the scanline effects.

If you haven't heard of Shawn Phase before, you should absolutely check him out:

I'm trying to write an NES album for fun, and to motivate myself to compose more. At my current (abysmal) rate, it would take me 40 days to make 20 minutes of terrible chiptune.

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Car analogy time.

I like retro computers more than modern gaming machines in the same way that I like a 67 Mustang fastback more than a Tesla.

The Tesla may be objectively, safer, faster, more efficient, and more reliable, but I sure know which one I'd rather take for a spin.

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