Well, has been absolutely fantastic. Five hours of great wrestling.

@snowdusk_ Makes sense! I only knew because I have relatives in Newfoundland. :-P

@snowdusk_ I still remember holding in my laughter when I went there.

@sjw I doubt it, only since there are bigger concerns on the internet than Twitter politics.

@SirSpork @fade Is it weird that I almost never use over 300mb of data each month?

@louisoft01 That makes sense, hopefully BitMitigate works it out soon.

@louisoft01 It seems that BitMitigate has also gone down, which affects my website as well. I assume CloudFlare's announcement drew negative attention towards them.

Four months, then I won't have to make all my damn Python scripts backwards-compatible.

@BraixenIRL My website is static too, but only out of laziness.

I quit on the second day, since learning how to compose would be helpful.

@jameshjacksonjr @pkimpton Finished watching it a while ago, that was glorious.

Alright, I signed up for 21 Days of VGM for absolutely no reason... Oh my, what have I done...

PSA: If you want to distribute to major music platforms, and your username doesn't follow standard capitalization, make sure your distributor will allow you to use it before your first release. I didn't do this. As a result, my artist name is permanently "Flewkey".

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