Still thinking about this. Imagine if the key signature had three flats per note. (I'm talking flats on the ledger lines.) so everything had to be played three semitones down?

Idea: A script that reads a piece of sheet music, then generates an overcomplicated hard-to-read version.

Idea: A Discord server where people post unfinished songs, then other people try to finish them.

MIDI4LSDj should be released sometime soon.

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@BraixenIRL Should mortals have the privilege of altering the timeline? Probably not, but time travel is awesome so I don't care.

I'm thinking of making a script so I can use my MIDI keyboard with LSDj on an emulator. That would be fun.

Oh yeah, Mastodon. I forgot about that. The old Mastodon server I put together is abandoned now by the way.

@testboi8 Reply test to see what it sends my server.

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