@sir I'm pretty sure that everyone does, since it's harder to see binary numbers as symbols.

I've stopped pushing flewkey-overlay to GitHub. Anyone using it should switch to the repo at the SDF GIT Society.

@sir The Gigablast search engine published their source code to a git repository a while back, but it definitely needs an overhaul.

@sir As a violinist, I find that I miss the extra layer of bowing techniques when playing other instruments. Even digitally, the closest I could get was with FamiTracker effects. The singing quality of bowed string instruments is special, IMO.

OBS/Wayland [I need tech help] 

@Genstar I personally use the wlrobs plugin for screen recording.

I have a YouTube channel, and it is as inactive as the rest of my pages. Please subscribe to it so I can beat the other "FLEWKEY" channel. Thank you.

@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org I still remember holding in my laughter when I went there.

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