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It's been a while since I've played Minecraft. I might make another server soon.

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Every aspect of music can be either fun or frustrating.
I usually choose frustration.

Garlic update. There seems to be some weeds sprouting from this pot now too.

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The program is a broken mess, so I abandoned it. I might revisit it when I learn how to use Go properly. git.sdf.org/flewkey/linger

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I just wrote a TUI for The Lounge. There are some issues I should fix before shoving it in a repository though.

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COVID-19 — Democracy, Classism and How To Survive as an Overinformed Pessimist


I put some sprouting garlic in a pot a few days ago. It seems to be doing pretty well.

I tried writing down part of Fearofdark's Drowning in Sleep, now I really want to play it. :-P

Happy UTC new year! Yes, I'm a few minutes late.

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