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A skit about two stock brokers and hotel chains of the world 

Pro broker to a newbie broker: Check this out <flashes pill bottle>! With babies like these you're gonna be able to sell thousands of stocks per day with no sleep!
Newbie broker: You do realize if a cop sees you, you're going to get a booking in the worst hotel of the world's worst hotel chain.
Pro broker: What, like a Hilton Resort?
Newbie: Hilt- no, much worse!
Pro: Hmm, Fairmont?
Newbie: No, no, don't you get it?
Pro: Viceroy! Has to be a Viceroy!
Newbie: No, a place you might get beaten!
Pro: A Ritz? I got beaten at a Ritz once! Lost 50 million betting on red!
Newbie: Beaten by the guards! And other tenants!
Pro: The Bellagio? I got so drunk there once, I punched a guard, but then paid him and he thanked me!
Newbie: No, a place you might get KILLED at!
Pro: Right, I took some pills once and played laser tag with airsofts at a Four Seasons. Got told to stop with a gun to my face. Still, a Four Seasons ain't so bad.
Newbie: You will lose all of your money there!
Pro: I already lost everything at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo! I made it all back a day later on poker!
Newbie: ...just don't show these to anyone, k?
Later, pro's driving a BWM with the roof off, gets stopped by a cop:
Cop: Sir, know how fast you were going.
Pro: This car has an electronic limiter, so probably around 180-ish?
Cop: You look like one of them stockbrokers...
Pro: Yeah <subconsciously wipes suspicious white powder off of nose>.
Cop: Ok, fine, you can go, here's my daughter's phone number too.
Pro: You're alright officer <takes a swig from vodka bottle and speeds off into the distance>.
Pro: OH, WORLD'S WORST HOTEL CHAIN, NOW I GET IT, IT'S AN OLD FOLK'S HOME. Better finish this here bottle quick...

Every aspect of music can be either fun or frustrating.
I usually choose frustration.

Garlic update. There seems to be some weeds sprouting from this pot now too.

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The program is a broken mess, so I abandoned it. I might revisit it when I learn how to use Go properly. git.sdf.org/flewkey/linger

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I just wrote a TUI for The Lounge. There are some issues I should fix before shoving it in a repository though.

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COVID-19 — Democracy, Classism and How To Survive as an Overinformed Pessimist


I put some sprouting garlic in a pot a few days ago. It seems to be doing pretty well.

I tried writing down part of Fearofdark's Drowning in Sleep, now I really want to play it. :-P

Happy UTC new year! Yes, I'm a few minutes late.

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realization: a personal wiki isn't a place to store knowledge; that should be reserved for global resources. rather, a personal wiki is a place to share stories; to show others how you see the world

Bunnies don't like being treated like stuffed animals, it's a shame that they look and feel exactly like stuffed animals.

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I've packaged a lot of audio plugins on my Gentoo overlay if anyone's interested. There's no testing or QA, but I'll fix anything that's broken.

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