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@falktx has been doing some incredibly valuable, dedicated and important work in the work of #LinuxAudio / #FLOSS audio over the years, in particular with the #KXStudio project.

If you rely on these tools, or even just feel like helping, please consider a donation.

falkTX talks about the difficulties in keeping development going on his free time in this post from last month: kx.studio/News/?action=view&ur

You can choose from a variety of ways to donate here: kx.studio/Donations

Thanks! πŸ’š

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Does anyone else use my fork of the Tooty client for Mastodon? What features would you like me to add to it?

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I actually played around with translating CPython (3.9+) awhile ago. Their new parser made it much easier though getting unicode to work was tough. It is extremely scrappy & incomplete but I actually now write my hobby programs in malay hehe.

I don't even know what's the best way to share this... I'm thinking like a git patch on an official source code release or something

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It's been a while since I've played Minecraft. I might make another server soon.

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Every aspect of music can be either fun or frustrating.
I usually choose frustration.

Garlic update. There seems to be some weeds sprouting from this pot now too.

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The program is a broken mess, so I abandoned it. I might revisit it when I learn how to use Go properly. git.sdf.org/flewkey/linger

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I just wrote a TUI for The Lounge. There are some issues I should fix before shoving it in a repository though.

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