Bunnies don't like being treated like stuffed animals, it's a shame that they look and feel exactly like stuffed animals.

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I've packaged a lot of audio plugins on my Gentoo overlay if anyone's interested. There's no testing or QA, but I'll fix anything that's broken.

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I'm a bit sad
#Geonkick, the best drumsynth I've ever used ..

"29.10.2020: This project is no more developed and no more maintained. If you find it useful you can fork it. Thank you for all contributions!"


I made a shell script to check my Gentoo overlay for packages that need updating. GitHub -- of course -- doesn't let me check info/refs, so I had to use it's JSON API instead. Wonderful.

I've stopped pushing flewkey-overlay to GitHub. Anyone using it should switch to the repo at the SDF GIT Society.

I have a YouTube channel, and it is as inactive as the rest of my pages. Please subscribe to it so I can beat the other "FLEWKEY" channel. Thank you.

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