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I quit on the second day, since learning how to compose would be helpful.

Alright, I signed up for 21 Days of VGM for absolutely no reason... Oh my, what have I done...

PSA: If you want to distribute to major music platforms, and your username doesn't follow standard capitalization, make sure your distributor will allow you to use it before your first release. I didn't do this. As a result, my artist name is permanently "Flewkey".

Muscle training for those skills is no different than refining form for weight training from this perspective.

Draftsmen are strikingly akin to violinists from my point of view, specifically regarding the techniques they use. One major similarity is the use of right-arm mechanics for bowing and drawing. Namely, straight lines and circular motions. Both require good muscle awareness.

Turns out it wasn't everything. I'll manually upload the rest once I gain control of my channel.

Everything on my YouTube channel is mirrored to a new service called LBRY now, so feel free to follow me there if you want.

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european friends are pals, american friends are ntscs

FamiSpam was a failure. I'm going to make one more song, then probably end the project.

A quick note, got reset last Friday. If you want an early start on the new world, now would be the time.

Unicord by WamWooWam is miles better than the native Discord client.

Once ICANN adds emoticon TLDs, the world will be over. You know it's only a matter of time before they do it too...

This has been the greatest night of wrestling I have ever seen. It's been a long time since I have been this entertained, bravo.

If any of you are into cool independent comics, then you should definitely give this a look.

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