@killyourfm Drop your Komoot, so that I can follow your routes! 🚲 💨

@idlestate I am using an exFAT formatted VeraCrypt device. But I am not yet too happy with the incompatible features (e.g. missing permissions, softlinks, etc.). Especially for system files.

I haven't found a good backup-strategy, yet, anyway. This will probably need some time to get experience, etc. (Also in terms of restoring backups.)

Oh no. Now that I got acquainted with autoconf/automake for work, I'll perpetually check the relevant files for FOSS-projects I encounter, ain't I? 😭

(I just did for pavucontrol, which I am looking at for reference..)

Abortion, language policing 

Not the time to police uterus owners on language they use around abortion, esp if you're a cis man.

I am happy to call myself pro abortion. It's not a dirty word, it's a procedure. One that should be available on demand shame free. I have no problem saying it and if you have an issue it's yours

Calling them pro-life doesn't suggest they are, not in the context of this place or circles I run in. Everyone knows they're anti-choice, forced birthers, whatever.

@tunda Nein. MMn: Nicht jede*r schreibt privat Open-Source-Software, nicht jede*r hat ein inhärentes Interesse an Software (auch als Software-Entwickler nicht) und nicht jede*r muss das Thema verantworten.

Im Zweifel fragt man den Lead/Head of/CTO/Anwalt der Firma, sollen die das entscheiden.

On my latest bike ride I may have atomized a bumblebee. 😳

P.S.: I don't think I will live-tweet the content.. I will probably have a hard time understanding the content as it is, without having to byte-size re-formulate it in my own words. 🤓

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Update: I finished the forword and learned that there were more volumes planned but not finished by Karl himself. Also what the best progression is to read the book as a beginner: it's "consecutively". And that the matter is arguably written in an understandable way, even if you are not too knowledgeable.

OK. Let's dig into the main content: "Der Produktionsprozess des Kapitals." (approx.: "The production process of the capital")

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I was playing Rogue Legacy 2, attempting to finish a whole NG+ (all Prime Bosses) in one run and got sloppy/too greedy at the second to last boss. 😭

@ddevault looks interesting .. how would it compare to keepass or similar apps?

@polent manchmal sunshine live aber insgesamt kaufe ich Musik, die ich gerne höre auf Bandcamp und höre von meinem MP3-Spieler.

Oder wenn ich gut drauf bin Schallplatte. 🎵🤓

@barbara schwitzen, Tischventilator, viel trinken, Handtücher überall wo Hautkontakt besteht (z.B. Kopfkissen, Schreibtisch).. Aber Fenster abdunkeln klingt auch gut.

@Boehler lol, ich dachte erst das ist ein footogeshopter Schnellspanner. 😂

Forgot the alt-text: Book cover of "Das Kapital" by Karl Marx.

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Could today be the day I start educating myself properly?
Or will the foreword break me again?


Loving it: Spending 30 minutes on debugging an issue I fixed already, only because I used the wrong command line from history.

`-D_BSD_VISIBLE` instead of `-D__BSD_VISIBLE`. 🔍 (One underscore missing.)


@horatiorama wenn rechts-vor-links gilt hat C Vorfahrt, dann B, dann A unabhängig vom Verkehrsmittel..

Praxis? Hui.. naja..

Kind of fallen into a rabbit hole this evening with github.com/nvim-treesitter/nvi

I think it's cool, that the syntax parsing backend is evolving. I don't know yet how to feel about configuring neovim with lua. I would love to really feel the difference between regex- and treesitter-based parsing, but I am relatively ignorant to nuances.

(Context was the sticky header feature of XCode and of course there are already vim plugins.. and boom, rabbit hole.) 🤓🐰⛳

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