What options do I have to encrypt an external hard drive, so that I can use it with Linux, Windows and macOS?

I only know how to encrypt linux partitions/LVM+LUKS, but I highly doubt Windows understands that. I only find "how to use bitlocker" and "buy this program, that will totally not upload all your data to iCloud" and such. Any hints/tips/etc. is highly appreciated. 😘

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@fleischie28 I think VeraCrypt is still the common solution in this situation. But I'll admit that I haven't looked into interoperable disc encryption for years.

That is the successor to TrueCrypt wasn't it?

If you go that route make sure to research how to recover from a forgotten password.

Telling from experience…

@RyunoKi @p2501 Hmm. I will check VeraCrypt out then, thank you!

I was thinking: Backup encryption header in personal cloud, put password in keepass, backup keepass file in personal cloud.

And for extra redundancy store keepass file and encryption header on local thumb drive.

@p2501 @fleischie28 Yeah, I also usw VeraCrypt for that purpose and it works really well.

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