@Sammy8806 Oh noes, did I break creating aliases on πŸ˜…

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@fleischie28 I don't know? :makibomb:

I removed it for now, because I it only would be an incoming alias and you couldn't send from it (which would require complete mailbox)
And that could be an absolute legal (data privacy laws and so on) hassle because you're effectively paying for it.

If you have any ideas which don't bring strange legal hassle with it, just say something πŸ˜‡

@Sammy8806 Erm. I thought it was necessary for moving from a different instance, but seemingly not. And apart from that I don't need it at all, so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@fleischie28 Ahh, sorry I thought you meant something else .. (that would've fit to aliases and time)

You should be able to configure aliases to move into this instance under:

@fleischie28 Oh, it really is/was broken:

I've cherry-picked the fix until the next release comes around.

It only was a display-error, so your alias was already successfully created

@Sammy8806 Cool! Glad I could help debug this .. well, report it for you to debug. :02learn:

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