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That masculine urge to check whether the lights are on in full daylight. 😎

Not only did I manage to find my charging USB port in complete darkness, I also managed to plug in the USB (Type A) cable correctly orientated at the very first attempt.

Highlight of my day right there. 😬

trying to follow this instruction:

talk about the things you love, even if you think nobody cares.

people won't ask for it at least at first, but some of them will care

and it's attractive to see someone talk about the things they love.

let go of the notion that it's worthless if you don't get a minimum number of listeners, reactions, replies.

practice caring publicly about the things you care about.

I think this is a good reminder for me. I never liked being shy anyway

you "develop software" why don't you develop a polycule of bitches instead

Thinking more about this: I guess a lot of it comes from having to deal with FOSS-consumers.

In that project specifically it's a lot of people not making the smallest effort to check for context before filing issues or checking for the status. And then getting impatient and feeling entitled.

I have really no idea how that single maintainer is just chugging along on that work, dealing with people and still having time for non-project stuff.

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I used to be relatively active in but in the last two years or so I burned out to the point I can't even bring myself to label an issue - on a project I contributed on - a duplicate.

I still enjoy the community but I can't see myself making the unappreciated effort anymore.

That might also be the reason why I changed instances from to my current one (

I just tried out a native app, and urgh.. no thanks: ads, intrusive notifications, gamified basic interactions.. The website works well enough and is much more pleasant to work with.

What options do I have to encrypt an external hard drive, so that I can use it with Linux, Windows and macOS?

I only know how to encrypt linux partitions/LVM+LUKS, but I highly doubt Windows understands that. I only find "how to use bitlocker" and "buy this program, that will totally not upload all your data to iCloud" and such. Any hints/tips/etc. is highly appreciated. 😘

in the past i've seen people ask, for example, what a good medicine tracking app with wide timeframes would be after i'd just started using a really good one (i think it was rxdroid)

or what a good replacement for plex would be (jellyfin is superb)

but in both example cases i was too afraid to reply and convinced myself someone else would

because i was just too scared and couldn't get past that

but no longer!!!

i will now be helpful and friendly and sociable and not just always super having my guard up and afraid all the time!!!!!!!

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I usually keep my bikes in good shape, but as I just went out with my city bike: almost flat tire, bottom bracket squeaky ... I felt really ashamed. :02yell:

(Time to buy a bottom bracket wrench, some bearings, maybe more stuff? :02smile: )

Learning a language (digitally) with another locale has the added difficulty of mistyping the names of the countries all wrong all the time.

Stronger and more valuable!


Trans people are stronger than Elon Musk


If people notice if I put the cp-flags in the following order: `-nTr`? :02peek:

I am once again reminding you of the existence of #kdl (, a fancy new config/document language that could make your config files so much more expressive and maintainable than YAML/JSON. pls take a look!

Not everyone uses #Linux for the same purpose - and first of all: That's okay! Anyway I am interested how YOU use it.

@Sammy8806 Oh noes, did I break creating aliases on πŸ˜…

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