Oh no. Now that I got acquainted with autoconf/automake for work, I'll perpetually check the relevant files for FOSS-projects I encounter, ain't I? 😭

(I just did for pavucontrol, which I am looking at for reference..)

Abortion, language policing 

Not the time to police uterus owners on language they use around abortion, esp if you're a cis man.

I am happy to call myself pro abortion. It's not a dirty word, it's a procedure. One that should be available on demand shame free. I have no problem saying it and if you have an issue it's yours

Calling them pro-life doesn't suggest they are, not in the context of this place or circles I run in. Everyone knows they're anti-choice, forced birthers, whatever.

On my latest bike ride I may have atomized a bumblebee. 😳

P.S.: I don't think I will live-tweet the content.. I will probably have a hard time understanding the content as it is, without having to byte-size re-formulate it in my own words. πŸ€“

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Update: I finished the forword and learned that there were more volumes planned but not finished by Karl himself. Also what the best progression is to read the book as a beginner: it's "consecutively". And that the matter is arguably written in an understandable way, even if you are not too knowledgeable.

OK. Let's dig into the main content: "Der Produktionsprozess des Kapitals." (approx.: "The production process of the capital")

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I was playing Rogue Legacy 2, attempting to finish a whole NG+ (all Prime Bosses) in one run and got sloppy/too greedy at the second to last boss. 😭

Forgot the alt-text: Book cover of "Das Kapital" by Karl Marx.

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Could today be the day I start educating myself properly?
Or will the foreword break me again?


Loving it: Spending 30 minutes on debugging an issue I fixed already, only because I used the wrong command line from history.

`-D_BSD_VISIBLE` instead of `-D__BSD_VISIBLE`. πŸ” (One underscore missing.)


Kind of fallen into a rabbit hole this evening with github.com/nvim-treesitter/nvi

I think it's cool, that the syntax parsing backend is evolving. I don't know yet how to feel about configuring neovim with lua. I would love to really feel the difference between regex- and treesitter-based parsing, but I am relatively ignorant to nuances.

(Context was the sticky header feature of XCode and of course there are already vim plugins.. and boom, rabbit hole.) πŸ€“πŸ°β›³

Never have I ever put so many typos in something than I do in these M4 macro files at work.

- `AS_IF([test "$var" = "val], [...` was a big one (notice the missing quote after val),
- but `!=` where I wanted to write `=` got me down a rabbit hole as well..

Maybe I need thicker glasses. πŸ€“

Just kidding, at this time at my gym all the bros occupy anything remotely upper body..
Leg day it was then. 🦡😎

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Fedi-wide survey, boosts appreciated!

You are:

Going to the gym the first time in 2.5 years specifically to skip leg day! πŸ’ͺ😎

Language selection is now available in the Mastodon web app. Make sure your posts are seen by people who understand them!

Supports quickly finding the right language with fuzzy search and remembers your most frequently selected languages.


That masculine urge to check whether the lights are on in full daylight. 😎

Not only did I manage to find my charging USB port in complete darkness, I also managed to plug in the USB (Type A) cable correctly orientated at the very first attempt.

Highlight of my day right there. 😬

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