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So I just met one of the 3 (!) maintainers of F-Droid. They are desperately looking for more volunteers as they are responsible for 1500 repositories between them.
#fdroid #foss

Sex with random strangers doesn't make you interesting.
Drugs don't make you interesting.
In fact, they make you exactly like every other bitch.

I've written Python console menu systems for my BTEC course so many times that I might make a module for the most elaborate menu system ever

Funny how when people wanna talk about defamation and intellectual property 'violation' they use 'protected speech' rather than 'free speech'.
Rlly make u think 🤔

My Malteasers got more expensive
Insurrection when

I just got called a 'shekle goblin'.

I think the world might end because someone tried to make a blackhole

If you start calling mainstream conservatives 'alt-right' when they speak people will go 'Oh the alt-right actually sounds pretty rational'.
Let me spell this out, since some people don't get it:
Alt-right: Radical ethnonationalistic isolationism
Conservatives: Not.

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I don't think humans are supposed to drink as much milk as I just did

White genocide is actually a conspiracy by big waffle to sell more waffles

There are people who beat their children black and blue just because you want to be able to drown your sorrows in alcohol instead of fixing your life.

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senator, you dont understand... I really really nico nico needed that data.
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I'm going email the head hacker, RMS, and beg him to recover my catgirls

Anyways, here is a GIF from my last PC. Beloved IKAROS

@kro This has literally nothing to do with freedom of expression, I haven't dictated what you can/can't post. Don't dodge my argument unless you want to look like more of a sperg. Fun fact: You can't draw words with speech, you will get kicked out of a building for being an insufferable twat and telling someone not to be an asshole is free speech (the principle) too.

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ux design ranting Show more

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if linux was a nation would its national sport be tarball

"Proprietary software? Miss me with that gay shit" ~ Richard Stallman