Bareface is like punk, the imperfections make it endearing.

>Defend Linus while saying his change of heart will be exploited by the SJW cancer
>SJW sticks up for SJWism and patronises me with stuff about how 'white' men can do better
>Tell them I'm a 'sandnigger'
>Their brain literally explodes and my posts are purged for wrongthink

When you think your carpal tunnel got worse but actually you just caught a cold

Yall ever just use screaming techniques to help you cough up phlegm

The fact that a nascent industry begins by being largely unregulated, and later regulations are added prevent new competition from emerging.

What if someone implemented an OS in clean architecture

Why is it that the only easily accessible data on human hand sizes are centred around Trump having tiny hands.

Smh why aren't there any obsessive fangirls who figured out Heath Ledger's hand size

>Reddit adds chat feature
>Instantly infected with Tumblr's porn spam problem

Guys, nyan cat isn't dead there are still people making new nyan cat videos on YouTube.

Ok why is it that videos on foot typing are overwhelmingly done by women.

Paramore isn't playing Misery Business anymore because they used the word 'whore' in it.
That's just sad.

The modern university needs complete reconstruction. It's no longer a place for learning, it's just a hotspot for drugs, promiscuity and a way to enslave people to banks.

There are still people in 2018 who think the US gov didn't orchestrate 9/11.

I am in awe of how gay Shane Dawson is like wow

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