I was afraid you would write something like this :D What should I say, used dd to upgrade the to the latest release. What a joyful start, lets see if it gets any better.

@eskorte dd(1) sounds pretty consumer friendly it just depends on the consumer, I suppose. ;)

@jpmens jep, and sadly it is far away from being consumer friendly for the "normal people". But I did not expect it to be like that, as it is still a developer device. My biggest concern is that other buyers are not aware of this.

@eskorte @PINE64 I like the idea of being able to swap OSes as easily as changing SD cards, or running the "built-in" OS.

I am thinking about ordering, too. Do you have to pay taxes or does pine64 ship the device from within the EU, taking care of customs?

As far as I know they ship directly from China, it went through customs without problems or tax.

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