Being a good person is its own reward if you're lucky.

Tip the person who installs your internet connection.

Once you hit self-realization you don't just use for all your web searches you also go the extra mile to use that long delay between hitting submit and seeing results to revisit life choices and nurse resentments.

Allowing the forces of corporate greed to guide and shape the collective conscience is not cool.

If you have emacs on your system, try running `emacs -batch -l dunnet`.

"The game starts out with the player standing at the end of a dirt road, but it turns to the surreal when players realize that they are actually walking around inside a Unix system, and teleporting themselves around the Arpanet."


Eating but four of the five remaining rice krispie treats is an act of generosity.

the hottest flames

from cosmic hearth

did melt that shield

around your earth

and showed you what

your facts are worth

oculus 3 comes with a pony and no user tracking

Somehow the rain has made it more ucky vs less

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