Decommissioned a pair of really old servers today...

$ uptime
14:46:15 up 2102 days, 13:08, 1 user, load average: 0.01, 0.05, 0.08

$ uptime
14:46:17 up 2102 days, 13:08, 1 user, load average: 0.25, 0.25, 0.19

$ date -d '2102 days ago'
Sat May 23 15:48:05 CDT 2015

Ahh yes, I remember that was when we did the datacenter relocation!

You will be missed my rock solid, stable, and slightly-out-of-date-kernel-having friends.

(chasing a software bug, uncovering all sorts of surprises)
The plot thickens!

Why must plots always thicken?
Just for once, I'd like a thinning plot.

I just watched Solaris (2002).

I don't know why, but I absolutely love movies like this where I audibly say "WTF" at least 10-20 times as the plot progresses through complex, bizarre, and thought provoking moments.

Or maybe I'm just projecting my own existential crisis onto the movies I watch? 👀

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Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) uses DNS to spy on their customers.

There are free (as in freedom) encrypted DNS resolvers that do not log your queries:
- #NixNet -
- #LibreDNS -
- #Snopyta -
- #UncensoredDNS -
- #BlahDNS -

#DNS #DoT #DoH #EncryptEverything

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Linus Torvalds:

“So it’s the biggest sporting day of the year here in the US, when everybody is getting ready to watch the yearly top TV commercials, occasionally interrupted by some odd handegg carrying competition that I still haven’t figured out the rules for after twenty-odd years here. It’s kind of a more violent and hands-on team-oriented version of the traditional egg-and-spoon race, and involves a lot of standing around, apparently waiting for the next commercial to come on. Outside the US, everybody scratches their heads about the whole thing, and hopefully life goes on with the weekly celebration involving compiling and testing new kernels instead.”


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Watching a video back in the day™:
- Watching the video.

Watching a video in 2021:
- No, I do not want to log in to Youtube.
- Yes, I accept your cookie policy (because I block all your tracking and marketing bs* with browser extensions anyway).
- Yes, I got it that you moved the frickin' Auto Play button.
- Finally watching the actual video.


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Ruskdhsirjejeiaja Two years of explaining people why they need to move to Signal got 3 friends to move to Signal. One Elon Musk tweet of two words got 10 friends to move to #Signal in an hour. Rysiagdiahsidjskwgdus I can't even. But okay.

So using my requirements, it turns out there are only 7 products of the 1026 they've cataloged that are even eligible contenders. No wonder this has been a hard search.

I settled on the Sennheiser PXC 550-II. It meets all my requirements, some of the bonuses, and has some other features that may at least be useful.

Added bonus, it's the least expensive of the bunch, probably because the name doesn't have an & in it 😏

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Found this amazing site that has cataloged like every headphone on the market with full details. Data-driven product selection for people with brains, no marketing fluff in sight.

This is how all pre-shopping should be done!

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I'm looking for a new headset for a specific use case. Anyone know if a product exists that meets the following ...?

Active noise cancellation
Powered by USB

Not required, but would be a bonus:
Audio over USB instead of 3.5mm (i.e. one less cable)
Boom mic flip-up-to-mute

Do not care about:
Surround sound
Head tracking
Carrying case

Only runs on battery

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The difference between WhatsApp and Signal (both end-to-end encrypted) in the new App Store privacy section is stark


I think the machines ARE going to win. Artificial Intelligence only has to be smarter than the average human, and that bar is quite low.

Today's evidence, two "stories" released 21 minutes apart:


Great job, "Automated Insights", your "natural language generation" really came up with some gems today. The sad part about this is just how many humans ate that shit up.

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@Moon @augustus basically. You'd think people in IT would be all over smarthome bullshit and the likes, but it's because you're in IT that you're avoiding all this shit because you know better
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they: when you're older and responsibilities catch up with you, you will have to learn self-discipline!

me: *has actually learned how to successfully procrastinate on a dozen things in parallel*

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I feel like getting through the day without even really noticing an AWS outage means that I’m living right.

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Hard Fact: The more seriously ALL of us take the virus, the more quickly we could defeat it.
Harder Fact: Dumbfuckery abounds.
#WearAMask #StaySixFeetApart

TIL that I possess the ability to travel through space and time.
I'm a bit more limited in my abilities on the latter though.

International Men's Day, eh?

Well, I let my passport expire, so that means I'm no longer an International Man.

Guess this isn't my day after all 😓

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