Third party cookies?

No, sorry, there were only enough for the first party.

I wonder how many teenagers these days, upon opening their first bank account, wonder why it's called a "checking" account?

I don't even think they come with actual checks by default anymore.

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Also it seems there is no unicode character for a check/cheque.

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Just wrote my first paper check to someone for this year. That makes 4 in the past 12 months !!

math/science hot take 

I'm not a fan of the term "2D material"

If something is a sheet 1 atom thick, then it is not 2D. A 2D surface has zero thickness.

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I scream
ice cream
ice a cream
I so cream!
ice or cream?
eyesore cream

sorry, just got bored played around with the English language for a moment

Wear a mask.
Don't wear a mask.

But for the love of $diety stop with the fucking chin diaper!

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Surveillance capitalism:

Man accepts "FREE HUGS" from woman with sign.
"What are you doing?"
"Documenting your private medical data for sale to third parties."
"I thought the hugs were free."
"Did you see any money change hands?"

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I find it funny that everyone is using the "abbreviation" of

I mean, I get Y2K, it saves typing one whole character. But Y2K22 is one extra character over what it represents.

To those in a timezone much further to the East...

How is 2022 going? Is it true what they said, about how it compares to 2021?

Who is this Jack Frost guy? And why is he always nipping at people's noses?

Such violence!

Eating chocolate chip cookies is like going on a treasure hunt, using your mouth to dig through butter and sugar, to find the hidden chocolate gems.

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I hate how my brain simultaneously wants to do a lot of shit while not wanting to put any effort into them

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everyone i know: *constantly has 90000 tabs open and is talking about cleaning them up, with only having a few hundred left being an accomplishment*
me: *has issues with closing tabs too eagerly, tab count is always in the tens*

I just came across this in some old Java code (not mine, thankfully) ...


So it's equivalent to a while loop.
Given the similarity to the crying emoticon ;-; I'm going to hereby call this "the sad while loop".

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1) someone links a funny or interesting video on a news site
2) you click play
3) some unrelated ad starts playing first
4) you close the tab, cause ain't no video worth that

Decommissioned a pair of really old servers today...

$ uptime
14:46:15 up 2102 days, 13:08, 1 user, load average: 0.01, 0.05, 0.08

$ uptime
14:46:17 up 2102 days, 13:08, 1 user, load average: 0.25, 0.25, 0.19

$ date -d '2102 days ago'
Sat May 23 15:48:05 CDT 2015

Ahh yes, I remember that was when we did the datacenter relocation!

You will be missed my rock solid, stable, and slightly-out-of-date-kernel-having friends.

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