Hi folks, Mastodon newbie here. I'm a PhD candidate in Environmental Science at U of Toronto, focused on climate change in the rainforest regions of Peru and temperature extremes here at home in TO. I tweet as @conanelbarbudo. Any other #climate folks out there? #introductions

@conor I've almost never seen climate change deniers here in Peru. What's your experience on this issue? Have you found skepticism towards your work? Or mostly indifference (which seems more likely to me)?

@drarp, great question. I didn't encounter any denial in Peru. I can think of a number of reasons why this might be—I think probably Peru is typically cast as a victim of CC, not perpetrator, so political incentive to deny is small, versus potential assistance to adapt. What I did find though is a lot of misinformation re: what counts as CC. e.g. El Niño, cyclical occurence and still not sure what the link to CC looks like. Or a big rain storm in the rainforest, probably not CC.


@conor Thanks a lot for that answer. Hope you keep us posted on your work. Also, here's a late warm welcome to this site 🤗

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