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Ajit Pai will step down as FCC Chairman on January 20.

I am available.

One of the things that always made me nervous in the computer industry was that people were willing to make trade-offs in reliability to get performance.

James Gosling

All men are created equal.

Socrates is a man.

Therefore, Socrates is created equal.

Humans are not the only species with language, but we are the only species that talks about it.

Programmers like to take synonyms and force them to mean completely different things. "string" and "thread", for example.

The natural way to handle eventuality in JavaScript is with callbacks. Unfortunately, inadequately trained coders created Callback Hell. So Promises were added, and then Async Await. That has made things worse.

Since FORTRAN, we have had digits in variable names. This was to support the mathematical practice of variable names that are short, cryptic, and lazy.

I just noticed that I do not use digits in my best programs. Is the use of digits in variable names a bad practice? Would it be best to limit ourselves to letters and the occasional underbar?

Are digits in variable names

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