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I installed the Gemini software from @SirCmpwn - drewdevault.com/2020/11/01/Wha

The build was EZPZ. I created a run directory in the project with subdirectories for certs and content, copied the sample ini, edited the paths in the config, and used the -C parameter to start the server with my config. I had only 2 minor issues getting content delivered...

First, I didn't see documentation on what kind of certs were needed or how to generate them. When I finally went YOLO, gmnisrv generated the cert. That's great, actually; I wish I'd known

Second my "home" file needed to be named "index.gmi". It's documented that index.gmi is the default file served when a directory is requested, but it's less obvious what will happen when you try to serve another file. In this case, the MIME type of a text file lacking the (dot)gmi extension is application/octet-stream, probably from the operating environment

So I had 2 gemini clients on my laptop and a gemini server on localhost in under an hour and I only found 2 places where the docs let me use my shoes for target practice

Then I installed #LaGrange and holy shit, that's nice looking software. I need both of Drew's command line tools, but LaGrange is just nice to use. I'm seriously thinking about an email and gemini workflow for my currently discontinued games

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