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Gestern Nacht die Straßenbahn verpasst. Perfekte Gelegenheit das mit diesen E-Scootern auszuprobieren. Also App installiert, mich mit der Anmeldung und anderer Probleme rumgeärgert und voilà, halbe Stunde war rum und ich konnte die nächste Bahn nehmen. Worked like a charm, can recommend.

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Please add this on your websites :

<script type="text/javascript">
document.body.textContent = 'Please disable JavaScript to view this site.'
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Der Musk-Effekt hat auch erfasst, obwohl wir für jedes Profil einen Kostenbeitrag von 1€/Monat per SEPA-Einzug verlangen.

Von der Langsamkeit der großen Instanzen spürt man hier nichts. Und wir haben noch viel Platz auf diesem Server. Holt also alle her, die ihr gut leiden könnt!


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I wanna be, extremely gay
Like no one every was
To date them is my real test
To kiss them is my cause

I will travel, across the land
Searching far and wide
Each cutie pie, to understand
The lesbian that's inside

(Polycule, gotta date 'em all!)
Its you and me
I know it's my destiny
Oh, you're my gayest friend
In a world we must defend
(Polycule, gotta date 'em all)
A heart so true
Our gayness will pull us through

You kiss me and I'll kiss you
(gotta date 'em all)
Gotta date 'em all

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in Austria you do not need to worry if you're ever in need of eggs at 2:54am. just head to your nearest Eierautomat!

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#lucaApp ist nicht ganz dicht, feuchte Träume von Impfidentitäts- und Bezahlapp.

Wer (noch) luca hat, Account löschen und dann App löschen.

Und eine Bitte an die Gastronomie: macht den Dreck nicht mit!

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"If you want to write fast software, use a slow computer" - Dominic Tarr

I have always loved this quote and lived by its message long before I found it so succinctly put. Thanks again, Dominic.

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One of my favorite things at work is to stare at loading spinners

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TAke a look, ny'all :3
zjiasally - CBHSFrqA98I_CBHSFn0g1Dk.jpg

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Question is, can this be used to troll moderators? 🤔
If you get reported, do they have to listen to the whole recording of you?
Redirect Richard Stallman's TED talk (on loop) into your audio input and have one of your friends report you 😆

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„Ein komplettes Verbot der Nutzung von personenbezogenen Daten in der Online-Werbung würde Individuen und der Gesellschaft nützen.“

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tfw you read some old code you wrote and it's actually good

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okay so i'm definitely not saying that you should do copyright infringement and actually i'm the biggest fan of microsoft and copyright (I used windows last year!), but, if you really want to, there's this evil thing you can (but definitely shouldn't) do
sudo patch -d/ -p0 <vscodium.patch

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looks like the error I had wasn't a bug and is actually intentional

Microsoft made it so the python/pylance extension will crash on open source vscode builds, for no reason other than to push people towards their proprietary builds (the extension worked perfectly before)

Microsoft ❤️ Open Source

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