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what IS the elusive ass trout? a trout that likes ass? a trout that has an ass? a trout that IS an ass? we may never know. the only thing we can say for certain: it's out there, and it's dangerous

This woman asked a priest "Is suicide a sin"
"Yes, suicide is definitely a sin."
"So suicide is going willingly to your death?
"Yes, suicide is going willingly to your death."
"Did Jesus go willingly to his death?"
"Erm.. Ahh.." *awkward silence*


These mammals are certainly no field mice, weighing anywhere between 35 and 70 kilograms. Although female Capybaras are a little heavier than their male counterparts, the males never mention it for fear of being hit with a handbag.

Often referred to as β€œnature’s ottoman” or β€œmoving chairs”, a whole host of bird species, monkeys, rabbits, and even other Capybaras have been spotted seated, perched or laying on the back of a much-obliging Capybara!


new game show called "is this ckicken cooked" where contestants eat some chicken and within 24 hours find out if it was cooked or not

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