May I ask where you bought the book? I created an account at nostarch and found out, that the the shipping is quite expensive. Sure, from USA to Europe. I couldn't yet find a seller in Germany for nostarch books 😞

@cat :/ I got it from nostarch - so expensive to get it shipped and on top of that import tax.

You can get it from Amazon - they of cause sux

Oh no - amazon is an absolute NoGo for me.

Import tax as well? Oh :-(

@cat I'll have to read it a lot for the money I payed for it :)

I'm sure that at least I also would not regret it, because Michael Lucas's books are very good. I just have to spend some mony then - because I don't have much.

I meant ' to save some money'
sorry :-D

@cat :) spending money is easy saving not so easy

I found a seller. They currently have only the 2nd edition there, but I'll go there and ask them :-)

\o/ They can order it, so next month I'll gonna buy it \o/ :-)

I used to read such books, when I'm in the bus, or the underground or so :-) There are some of these kinds of books, which I read over and over again. Jeffrey F. Friedl's Mastering regular expressions a good example - and I guess absolute freebsd will be the next :-D

@cat It looks like I can buy it form a danish online book shop as well
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