Your pleroma is a single user instance, right?

I also want to set up an instance for myself... may I ask how much disk space is needed for the database?

@cat well depends on how chatty you are :-) I think I'm around 1.5gb after 6 month but I could probably delete some of it

Oh ok, sounds very nice :-)
So it doesn't save foreign content?

@cat from my db
relation | total_size
public.activities | 2888 MB
public.objects | 748 MB
public.users | 72 MB
public.notifications | 968 kB
public.websub_client_subscriptions | 128 kB

This is not much - cool :-)
And is it possible to just delete older stuff? I mean after deletion the system doesn't collect those deleted items again?

@cat from what I now it should be possible. But I haven't tried. I have a lot of space on my vps. Also looking at a db dump that I just did it ended up being 1.6gb. I'm a bit tired so can't do math - but it query in the db seems a bit off.
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